you must have these traits .

A normal human cannot treat others so cruel , mean, and down right nasty , taking away their reputation, their ability to earn a living, stealing their livelihood and pretend they are protecting others from you . Some nurses have done nothing wrong, but a hospital wants to silence them, so the AZBON is more than willing to spend taxpayers money to do so.

First , nurses are huge targets . They are caring, understanding and will take a lot . Throw a urinal full of piss at a cop and get beaten, a nurse will not fight back , not do anything to the person except understand they are upset.

There are those who come and go at the nursing agency, they seem to figure out they must be a heartless a hole to stay . So the target is chosen now those who will inject lethal doses, even to peer nurses, and who does that better than the mormon’s. ? They know how to stick it to someone , bully and bash anyone who speaks up, shun them and be a downright rock thrower to destroy them .

So the traits they all have who stay and can do this , deceitful , callous, narcissistic, manipulative , hostile, recklessness, irresponsibility , impulsivity, power over people in the lowest point in their life, be willing to pour salt in the wound. Be as toxic as they come, have no remorse. As you can see they are made in hell and blessed by Satan .

These people on the board, are sociopaths , they look for targets, they pretend to be ‘doing this for your good’, and even state over and over , how they protect the public from you . And never answer any questions , never admit to any wrong doing, always excuses and lies. Over and over lies.

While you leave broken, depressed, confused , they act like it hurts them to do it. NOTHING can be further from the truth. They love getting one over. The more you fight them , the nastier they get .
They know they have unlimited blank check to go after anyone who is not obedient or tries to say anything bad about them . They love the fact that no one watches anything they do and the head snake is in on it . Psychotic to the max, they should not be a part of the public, they need to be locked up. Doing things illegally , but who’s watching ?

5 thoughts on “TO REMAIN At the AZ BON”

  1. I remember the male nurse in Tucson who had been constantly harassed by the nursing instructors, well they are not harassing anymore nursing students.

    One student was from UOFA in 2002 and the other was from Pima Community in 2005.


    1. Of course these things happen and no one endorses this, it only gives them a reason to s t r e t c h the truth what was posted to act as if they are in fear . The old stand by “feared for my life “. And that they are protecting someone from you . We love to see them live a very long life , live forever , the best punishment they can get —–Think their happy? Live long just not be at the nursing agency.


  2. ‘infrastructure collapse’, stated: “Dave Hrabe, Education Program Administrator with the Arizona State Board of Nursing, during a Board of Nursing meeting on Jan. 28.’ Regarding the Aspen College of Nursing.

    The only infrastructure collapse is the AZBN due to MF’ers like you Hrabe. Notice how AZ is in complete nursing disparities, and complete Dysfunctional practices, and the majority of nursing staffing in hospitals and other medical facilities come from nurses who graduated in AZ. So twats at the AZBN & all your butt suckers from the nursing colleges & Universities, if your friends from the nursing schools across the state of AZ were teachers and not sick ups, then AZ would have the more intelligent, most skilled, and highest critical thinkers in the nation, Right but no AZ IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE NATION FOR THE MOST EDUCATED PEOPLE.
    So Hrabe you are a typical pussy boy.


    1. And David Hrabe went on and on about how the BON was formed 100 years ago, with the help of AZNA . Between AZNA , NCSBN and BON, nurses have gone back wards 100 years . Everyone of these who sit at a desk need to put on scrubs and work beside , or they don’t have a voice. Yea Hrabe is the one who did the report on BYU school associated with McCorney , “oh here ‘s Dave !!! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !! DAVE !!! (suck butt, brown noser, give my school a good grade, and I’ll get on my knees for ya) . Kathy Malloch knows the drill , she was president , and Kathy Scott former Bd president , these people just cannot have a life without playing dirty politics , disordered individuals for sure. AZBN mental health misfits magnet.


    2. An ad running for this department , placed in the break room at the board office (don’t ask who informed us ) that way they can get their “friends ‘ in there . Sit around and do illegals , favoritism acts all day . You don’t even have to know anything , they put Eliz Boyer on the committee ! wife of Paul Boyer the charter school , steal money from pubic schools Ducey ‘s clone .


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