AZBN using psych evals, 4 stigma

Dirty Docs willing to write what the corrupt AZBN wants .

The Arizona Board of nursing is extremely corrupt . They say how consistent they are but it is proven they are INconsistent, unfair , treat nurses differently based on their religious back ground, sexual preferences, and how obedient they are . This board is made up of historically a cult . They have been indoctrinated , brainwashed , and think they are the example of how everyone should run their lives.

Every agency and lawyer who has dealt with the Nursing Board agency, knows when you mention certain , ‘docs’ names they are a ‘whore of the court” and will whore themselves out for money . They have mental issues of their own , which lead them to psychology . Narcissistic . And just like the mormon cult , they make their followers of their strange believes see a mormon counselor . Because they know what they are to tell the pour soul who is meant to think of themselves as ‘mentally challenged”.

Very common for society especially mormons to tell everyone , about any female who speaks up, they are crazy, lunatic, off their rocker, nuts, whack jobs, and down right mental cases . For the men , they like to use DANGEROUS . Who can be more dangerous that a mental narcissistic with a degree in psych and an ink pen . ?

The Cops use their own psychs too, amazing isn’t it . Those who have that steady stream of income know what they are to say or not have the job. The Beatrice Six , of wrongful convicts , corrupt cops, twisted investigative files, is playing now. Their psych (whore) made the witnesses feel that they suppressed the evidence and told them what to say ! “Most of the defendants were persuaded by the police psychologist, Wayne Price, that they had repressed memories of the crime.[5]”

Any state agency will use what ever dirty trick to get those who minds are easily molded to think they way they do . “expert” Expert at lying , lots of experience in this area.

5 thoughts on “AZBN using psych evals, 4 stigma”

  1. Be very aware that the state of WA has a deaf mute psychologist doing psych evaluation for their NURSING BOARD & HIS WIFE WORKS AT THE WA NURSING BOARD, (mo mo too).

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    1. hmm , that psych in Wash must have been hurting for clients, not too many can communicate this way , and know sign. yes they are attracted to boards, and what better ones than nurses to have the upper hand . What on earth could Diane Lett do at the AZBON? A close relative Linda Bradley of Thatcher is very telling of her too. (Thatcher / is Randy (Wierdo) Quinn stomping grounds) . St Geo, Utah is in the picture too. All infectious areas of the mind control cult .


  2. It’s all junk science. No systematic application of principles, instead claiming to base their practice and judgement on “trained intuition”. A ” license ” to ignore valid principles that exist . And worst of all the claim of being an ‘expert” . At the most a paraprofessional . Who are nothing more than high paid frauds. Just like the lying board members , motion to order psych eval “for more information”. Basically they know this is nonsense but just want to cya in case , and have one more (their dirty doc on their list). against the nurse . When they simply can’t say something without someone of a higher degree calling their bs, they have even written , “safe to practice , but proceed with caution”. Which got a revocation anyways. They don’t read the first part just focus on the negative , and the outcome they want . Very negative bd and staff and lawyers on staff , all of them schadenfreude by nature.


  3. Brnovich must have been elected by VOTER FRAUD JuST LIKE ALL THE MO MO’s in power. Why is he not prosecuting those caught RED HANDED?
    I guess SOROS has his hotdog Shoved up BRNOVICH’s BACKDOOR.
    Pedophiles, Queers, and Freak SWORM ARIZONA.


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