AZBON is inconsistent with cases

So many discrepancies with cases , that are alike and YES CASES CAN BE ALIKE not every case is different ! Even the bd members are saying, “how is this different from the case this morning ? IT”S NOT but McCormies will turn on the mouth, repeat herself, rag on repeat the same nonsense til others just want to move on and shut her up .

Any nurse who applied and was not given a license, denied for what ever reason, requested to withdraw application , and that was denied . That is NOT consistent. McCormies bullsh*t about ‘we don’t want to lose that information” is such trash talk. This liar is going to get the other bd members in trouble and when that happens , your own fault for even thinking this stupid broad knows anything about anything.

There are cases they did allow withdraw the application. So don’t let her lie to you . Take their lying butts to court and not OAH . The excuses for not allowing withdrawal is lame , a lie , and will ruin a good nurses career forever !! Once denied a license you are reported to a data bank it will ruin your life , your career in many fields. And then Mamaluy , ‘the bd owns the material” so keep it and shove it up your butt ! .

Nurses do not make the mistake of applying in AZ for a license ! Some of these people are working just fine in other states for years, and then apply to AZ and their careers are ruined , and other areas of employment , and many areas of their lives. McCormies is as cold as them come. unhuman , no common sense . Sicking bitch for sure . She should not be on a board and the others members need to stop listening to her , she does not know what she is talking about .

One thought on “AZBON is inconsistent with cases”


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