If you haven’t heard nursing cases in AZ , you will soon learn they are extremely punitive . To non mormon’s, Blacks, and homosexuals. Take the case of JOHN SCHMALING NP . AP5944 , ok this dude was reported to the BON , he was writing prescriptions to family members from 2006- 2015 , Rx controlled substances and non . No charts keep no assessments documented, no patient / NP relationship. Prescribed and dispensed both prohibited acts . This person so confident , he never showed up for the board meeting . Never paid out for a lawyer. The BON did not order UDS , hair, no psych evaluation . no pulling other files, no supeona all his employment records for 10 years, didn’t contact neighbors , apt mgrs, his co workers , basically straight forward single complaint and no witch hunt for more dirt.

His investigator Kristi Hunter np (mormon) and this person Mormon. need we say more ? And they wonder why they are hated so much ! Their warped minds they have something superior going on . Oh and President of the BON Randy (corrupt dirty twist the facts ) QUINN – Mormon and V Pres (lying make statements protecting them, hiding facts, )Carolyn McCormies, Mormon . Along with other Bd members who are mormon’s.

So for writing 83 RX (you read that right 83 prescriptions , he got a $1000. fine , no probation , no deep dive . Pretty gutsy of anyone to even write for one rx, but he just did it over the years, knowing it was not ok, and no records kept. The BON swears they are ‘protecting the public”. How do we know he didn’t write prescriptions have a relative fill them and give him the pills? Or selling narcotics ? We don’t and neither does the corrupt BON, but they don’t care just let them take care of friends . This incident the went on for years will not affect employment, unless he changes places he works . NP have no over sight . (and no direct supervision ordered, he’s mormon, good people (sarasm) .

(the mission of the bon , to ‘take care of friends” ?? They learned it from Jokey Ridenour who does this very thing. )


  1. “Like that servant of Elisha, there are more with you than those you can see opposed to you. Some who are with you will be invisible to your mortal eyes. The Lord will bear you up and will at times do it by calling others to stand with you”

    2Kings 6:8-23 says it all.
    People know what’s going on in ARIZONA & the Crimes against us who tell the truth.


  2. One thing for sure that Dirty Dir of the AZ Board of Nursing cannot say , is she ‘inherited problems”. Oh no , she created every problem she has. She ‘s been doing the dirty dance since she’s been in there. No term limits for the director . AZ has a Gov who is not paying attention . And an AG who is paying less attention to his entire agency . For that he gets a ‘no’ vote for Senate . No agency has over sight of the corrupt board of nursing agency . It is not like that in every state. This is what makes Arizona so bad . When those who moved to AZ figure out the putrid , pernicious politics created by these monsters they will either join in to make changes or leave.
    #Ducey #AZBN #CNA #OIG


    1. When the Dirty Dir JOKEY RIDENOUR is gone lots of HALLELUjAH , KUMBAYA , and “DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD” !! So Inept that she creates a organization of non-transparency , only she will dictate . But is self obsessed with covering her own butt and always having a scapegoat . The minute someone disagrees they are out , lots of turn over . The ones who stay she figures out how to get them top dollar , and buys their loyalty .

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  3. Anyone think that the AZ BON members with their ‘religious” aka CULT mind set would hesitate to be anyone on probation, deny license, revoke and mess up that nurses reputation, life, and livelihood ? Think again. they can do this to disobedient they can do anything. (BTW one Quinn woke up to the TRUTH and is sure the hell wasn’t Randy the know it all , dictator, got to run the show, not qualified Quinn. ) it was Michael Quinn a former Professor at BYU, and not the first one to wake up . Admit the TRUTH.
    {{“Warren Snow was Bishop of the (LDS) Church at Manti, San Pete County, Utah (1860-ish). He had several wives, but there was a fair, buxom young woman in the town that Snow wanted for a wife…. She thanked him for the honor offered, but told him she was then engaged to a young man, THOMAS LEWIS, a member of the Church, and consequently could not marry the old priest…. He told her it was the will of God that she should marry him, and she must do so; that Thomas Lewis could be got rid of, sent on a mission or dealt with in some way… that, in fact, a promise made to Thomas Lewis was not binding, when she was informed that it was contrary to the wishes of the authorities. “The girl continued obstinate…. the authorities called on the young man and directed him to give up the young woman. This he steadfastly refused to do…. He remained true to his intended, and said he would die before he would surrender his intended wife to the embraces of another….
    Thomas Lewis was ordered to go on a mission to some distant locality… But the mission was refused… “It was then determined that the rebellious Thomas Lewis must be forced by harsh treatment to respect the advice and orders of the Priesthood. His fate was left to Bishop Snow for his decision. He decided that Thomas Lewis should be castrated; Snow saying, ‘When that is done, he will not be liable to want the girl badly, and she will listen to reason when she knows that her lover is no longer a man.’ “It was then decided to call a meeting of the people who lived true to counsel, which was held in the school-house in Manti… Thomas Lewis was there, and was again requested, ordered and threatened, to get him to surrender the young woman to Snow, but true to his plighted troth, he refused to consent to give up the girl. The lights were then put out. An attack was made on the young man. He was severely beaten, and then tied with his back down on a bench, when Bishop Snow took a bowie-knife, and performed the operation in a most brutal manner, and then took the portion severed from his victim and hung it up in the school-house on a nail, so that it could be seen by all who visited the house afterwards. “The party then left the young man weltering in his blood, and in a lifeless condition. During the night he succeeded in releasing himself from his confinement, and dragged himself to some hay-stacks, where he lay until the next day, when he was discovered by his friends. The young man regained his health, but has been an idiot or quite lunatic ever since….”After this outrage old Bishop Snow took occasion to get up a meeting… When all had assembled, the old man talked to the people about their duty to the Church, and their duty to obey counsel, and the dangers of refusal, and then publicly called attention to the mangled parts of the young man, that had been severed from his person, and stated that the deed had been done to teach the people that the counsel of the Priesthood must be obeyed. To make a long story short, I will say, the young woman was soon after forced into being sealed to Bishop Snow. “Brigham Young… did nothing against Snow. He left him in charge as Bishop at Manti, and ordered the matter to be hushed up.” (Ibid., pages 284-286).”
    The one-time history prof at BYU — D. Michael Quinn — confirmed the castration account in his writings.


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