AZBON protect the public ???

Well as long as they are not incarcerated.

A findings of fact , on the misdiagnosis, shoddy nursing work, no f/u / placing wrong orders, not ordering tests , not recognizing when something is emergent, not listening and putting the signs and symptom’s together to recognize when to contact a higher lever of care . Not getting the Dr to see the patient, not sending out to an ER .

Every single case the patient / human being suffered pain and up to death , one committed suicide over the pain and not being believed. On pages 30-59 are the names , the scenarios, the horrific mistreatment , misdiagnosis and down right cruel end of life when the person asked for help over and over.

Yes , we get it inmates do make things up , but when someone brings you coffee ground emesis , and many other obvious signs you don’t ignore that . Those attention seekers go to the ER too , and drug seek but you don’t ignore very shocking signs , even if just to protect the prison , these NP and RN ‘s are incompetent and need to be investigated .

The BON can get the names of the license under their jurisdiction by the patients name , but they have already been submitted and IGNORED . Someone in triage , that is saying “there and inmate toss it”. Or Elizabeth Campbell , telling the bd president (who is dumb enough to obey her !!! ) ‘make sure you keep him to 5 mins !!!” yes Bethy don’t allow someone who persisted to get their case heard , get any information out to the public , that doesn’t go along with you lies !

page 30- 59 if full of violations , and it is a Dr who is testifying to it .

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