AZ Board of Nursing shows a pattern of corruption, failure to follow their mandate .


If you have concerns that a truly problematic healthcare professional may be practicing in your community, do not depend upon healthcare regulatory boards to identify them. If an incompetent, dangerous or unethical provider is well connected, the boards may allow him or her to continue to practice regardless of the risk they pose to patients. At the same time, excellent practitioners may be removed from practice, not because they represent any danger to the public, but because they represent a threat to the interests of the board or board members. The boards have full and sole discretion to find and to report to the public what they wish, true or false, without consequence or further accountability. Because the boards fail to reliably separate the “good” from the “bad,” they lull the public into a false sense of security about the safety of given providers in the community. In the current system, there is simply no way for patients to tell “good” from “bad,” and this means the boards fail miserably in their one primary, and most essential, mandate which is to protect the public.

9 thoughts on “AZ Board of Nursing shows a pattern of corruption, failure to follow their mandate .”

  1. There are consequences but falls on deaf ears. Its the people’s job , and nurses in the know to promote evidence by credible means; the students must be informed. The intimidating of governmental crime will remain open and discriptive to public via advocates with evidence. Academia is working on AZBN, more comm to public is needed.


    1. And a pattern of being unfair . No one can trust them . Not with their history spelled out. When someone bullying, A psychiatrist on another site said “”Tell everyone. The first rule of intimidation. ❤️ So this sight is necessary to expose them , the Sunlight project !


      1. Put a spotlight on them ! show others how messed up there are . P S some newere board members haven’t figured it out either . SO it will take some more doing to reach the public .


  2. It’s the board of nursing agency to be honest, and have some integrity , and the director’s job to make sure this is what is happening . It is not . so the DOJ , needs to step up to the plate. plenty of worthless agencies Ombudsman is one . Just like the BON complaint about short staffing , while front line nurses are short staffed in AZ dealing with life and death situations .

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    1. We all know that the final reports submitted to Nursys , are written by the liars are the BON. Not by a Judge . The Dirty BON staff picks out what would hurt someone’s reputation the most. They pick out statements that people said, even hearsay which is allowed , none of it true. Glorified rumors at best . The head of the NURSYS is a real kook aid drinker, denial to the max . Try to get the lies taken off. .The problem with challenging Nursys listings is that Nursys is run by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The NCSBN is an advocate for all Boards. I have spoken twice with their Director who has twice told me she has never heard of a Board being unjust or denying due process.
      And Nursys sends your challenge back to the Board of origin, who wrote the fiction added nonsense . Amazing how the favored ones, mormons mostly write up is to the point , and no witch hunt , why would they ?they all think they are superior . When they are bottom feeders low life money hungry tramps . NURSYS is full of prison guard mentality , hall of shame for nurses !


      1. I agree 100%. It’s all bs. But who is going to believe me over the board. They are evil government robots who feed on pain.

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  3. Why more nurses are not up in arms over this ! The same reason they are too ‘afraid’ to speak up about the horrible working conditions ! That AZNA might as well be “door mats r us . ” OR how about ‘suck ups united ” Hard to get a complaint on your license if you stand at a computer all day sending we’ll scratch your back and pass our bills to politicians. Governor Ducey signed SB1839 into law Tuesday, which would shift power from the state’s Psychiatric Security Review Board, or PSRB, to the state’s superior courts. THIS is what should happen with the Corrupt Board of Nursing .


  4. “I was encouraged to apply and there’s not a day that goes by that I regret that I applied and to lead this team is they are definitely a unique group of people that step up to take care of our patients and our community every day,” Miller explained.

    She says the hospital has staff to treat the current increase in patients but each nurse attends to at least five patients each shift.

    “We are able to provide the care that they need and the constant monitoring we have people watching telly monitors which is a heart monitor. We have them on continuous pulse/oxygen levels. So we are constantly rounding and checking in,”

    But this devastating new normal is not something everybody can handle. Charge Nurse explains how this job could really take a toll on your mental health.

    “The phone calls to family members, those horrible phone calls that you’re calling and saying that they’ve lost their loved one. Or if they’re lucky enough to be here, the cry you hear. A child lost their mother or their mother lost their son. I mean, those are devastating losses,”

    Some nurses are leaving the business altogether.

    “Unfortunately, in the meantime, we’ve lost a lot of nurses that mentally have broken and they can’t mentally do this anymore. They lost the love of taking care of people, but that’s just the sheer amount of loss and suffering that you see,”

    Note: not every nurse can just leave , insurance and income . So how many nurses are working on the floors who are suffering PSTD . Many are stating they are mentally broken, and cannot do this anymore . So who is weeding them out ?


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