3 thoughts on ““OUT OF CONTROL AZBN””

  1. It was Drs at Phoenix Children’s who begged adm to turn her into the police. That ended up one big farce . Spent a week in jail, but had to drop all charges. As if that isn’t enough , the AZBN had to help PCH save face , and distract the NP , and make her fight for her hard earned license. The AZBN can find charting errors on ANYONE . Why is it they spend a lot of time on one case but not others? To find ANYTHING , to save hospitals. (JO RIDENOUR daughter , Stacy works for PCH . ) Ridenour was on the AZ hospital association with ceo’s. SHAMEFUL what they did . Elizabeth Campbell , da dirty doing too . Brnovich destroying nurses careers, lives, BON members obedient , making the worst possible nightmare for a nurse come true. And the Nursing agency does what ever they can to threaten and silence anyone from telling others .

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  2. That be STACEY J GROHALL , who works for PCH . Any complaint goes to the bd of nursing on her, what do you think they do with it? very messed up board, never are they consistent . Just consistently inconsistent .


    1. CHARLES RYAN DOC DIR, Forced out , made a big buck bought big house this is his life today : {{ Law enforcement reports acquired by The Arizona Republic reveal more details about an armed standoff between former Arizona prisons Director Charles Ryan and Tempe police at his Tempe residence on Jan. 6.

      The reports say police responded to Ryan’s home that evening in response to a report that Ryan had injured himself with a firearm.

      “Police attempted to make contact with Charles, who refused to leave the residence, until he pointed the firearm at police, who were outside of the residence,” the report states. “After barricading himself inside the residence, Charles later surrendered and was placed under arrest.”

      The report says Ryan was taken to Chandler Regional Hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound.
      Officers reported fearing for their lives

      An officer narrative from Blake Dunn said, “Charles Ryan committed aggravated assault” when he pointed a hand gun at two police officers “causing them to fear for their safety.”

      A separate narrative characterized Ryan’s actions as causing the police officers “to fear for their lives.”
      Charles Ryan, the former Arizona prisons director, was arrested after an armed standoff with police.

      The report says Ryan’s wife, Kathleen, initially called police, telling them her husband had shot himself in the bathroom at the home and still had the gun in his hand. Ryan’s wife told police he had not made any statements about harming himself or others, they had not been fighting, and he had not experienced any recent trauma in his life.

      Ryan’s wife told officers she was afraid, and so escorted her adult daughter out of the home before calling police.

      Ryan’s wife told police she heard a loud boom from their bathroom. When she approached Ryan, she saw “his right hand was covered with blood and he was bleeding from the head.”

      Related: Former DOC director arrested after armed standoff with police
      Ryan’s wife reported his alcohol consumption

      Ryan’s wife told police that her husband drank “half of a large bottle of tequila” that evening, and admitted her husband was a heavy drinker, especially in the past two years.

      The report states Ryan’s wife told police it is not abnormal for him to think that someone is trying to break into their home, and he “does commonly patrol the property at night after consuming alcohol.”

      Under questioning at the hospital, Ryan told police he had consumed two shots of tequila earlier in the evening.}} (lying to cops too ) .

      This is what happens when a Dirty Dir is given too much power , they eventually get exposed because they go over board (just like Jokey Ridenour) . They get the big house, make appearances of ‘success” , but spend their days doing alcohol or other drugs to keep the flashbacks and demons they created away . Checking the perimeter of the yard to see if anyone they screwed over lurking around . People’s names pop up that you screwed over , put them in poverty . Happy Retirement .


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