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How this many evil minds came together at the same time is amazing . Something tells me their parents all click together too !

2 thoughts on ““OUT OF CONTROL AZBN””

  1. It was Drs at Phoenix Children’s who begged adm to turn her into the police. That ended up one big farce . Spent a week in jail, but had to drop all charges. As if that isn’t enough , the AZBN had to help PCH save face , and distract the NP , and make her fight for her hard earned license. The AZBN can find charting errors on ANYONE . Why is it they spend a lot of time on one case but not others? To find ANYTHING , to save hospitals. (JO RIDENOUR daughter , Stacy works for PCH . ) Ridenour was on the AZ hospital association with ceo’s. SHAMEFUL what they did . Elizabeth Campbell , da dirty doing too . Brnovich destroying nurses careers, lives, BON members obedient , making the worst possible nightmare for a nurse come true. And the Nursing agency does what ever they can to threaten and silence anyone from telling others .

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  2. That be STACEY J GROHALL , who works for PCH . Any complaint goes to the bd of nursing on her, what do you think they do with it? very messed up board, never are they consistent . Just consistently inconsistent .


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