Board of Nursing Agency Arizona

A non member asked to put her thoughts on here, her life is ruined enough and wants no name . She has the scarlet letter . Lives in southern AZ and has gotten another degree , but the question “has any professional org ever denied license?” is still on many applications. SAD. Although the BON is about as unprofessional as they come . Here is her question.

A question asked ,”how long does disciplinary remain on a nurses license in Arizona ?” The BON answer : Under current Arizona law, once a disciplinary action is reported to NURSYS from the Arizona Nursing Board it can never be removed. Disciplinary actions used to be removed from the Board’s website after 5 years; however, that policy has changed now that the Board no longer hosts their own license verification.” NOW we all know that they can remove it after 5 yrs by contacting NURSYS, looks like a blame shift here . it was the corrupt AZ BON who signed up with NURSYS ! geez . What was their excuse before that ??? As a CNA who worked 15 years in another state, no problems excellent reviews then move to AZ apply for CNA , past record of getting into an heated argument in high school with another girl , as a minor .Well you guessed it AZ BON not only did not even go with probation which would have been insane but DENIED . Fired from job, unable to get many many jobs and take up another career because of this . It caused my entire life to be ruined by something I didn’t think I need to clear up and get off my record . AZ BON said this would be on my record 10 years , well after 10 years still there and no they were not with NURSYS , at that time. Liars. The Bon went back over 20++years , into past of a minor who was involved because of a bully at school and defended myself. Woman cannot defend themselves , or be paying the price for the rest of their life ? Applying for a certification in AZ would affect someone in many areas of their lives , get fired (because they not only denied certification they called my current employer ) . AZ BON is just as sinister as they come. If I should go to court to fight they would ‘even her employer fired her “. Because of you ! Btw way I am a lesbian which started the argument by someone bullying, and the BON in AZ is very much against anyone who is not heterosexual . Most of the cases have nothing to do with nursing .

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