This woman had the nerve to tell the office people with anyone who would listen “I’m not going anywhere “. Well Joke Ridenour you will be forced out, you have done a horrible job, stole money from the state by using funds to prosecute nurses who did not deserve any of your retaliation . Stop pretending you have friends in ‘high places” as you say . The AZ Gov down there , like K Robson better then you any day. And you think Robson is your friend ?? She’s only a fake friend of Williams who got on the regents . You are always looking for ‘who do we know at this office ? ‘ connections . Instead of doing an honest days work , you just like to use your position and taxpayers money to spend how ever you want. And when you think you might get caught , just ask the board members to vote on it so you can wipe your buggers on them when it comes down to who ‘s idea this was. And then you will say “the Gov appointed them” again shifting the blame , but it was YOU who recommended them to the GOV because you want to weed out anyone who is not shady , corrupt, can do the dirty dance with you . You have got to be surrounded by dirty politics . Which includes your AZNA down there , who along with you and the agency you are suppose to be running are making nurses the most UNTRUSTED profession in the entire nation. Especially in Arizona. Do hard working , good nurses, the ones who are caring , the opposite of you , a favor , get the Fk out ! Your way beyond just retiring and celebrating ‘service ” , your rotten and stinky as they come . Stop damaging those who have a heart and taking away their believe their are good people out there.


    I would think Ridenour, “YOU” would be more concerned with ALL the printed off emails which was hand delivered to me that will prove what a predator YOU & YOUR gutless dominions have been, & the TERRORIST tactics against Certain Nurses.

    Comfort for me comes from: 2 Kings 6:8-23 “Like that servant of Elisha, there are more with you than those you can see opposed to you. Some who are with you will be invisible to your mortal eyes. The Lord will bear you up and will at times do it by calling others to stand with you”.

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    1. So many liars at the arizona board of nursing agency. If a nurse tried to defend themselves the liars come out of the woodwork . Spreading lies, and starting rumors. Can the board members think for themselves ? Certainly not McCormies , she does know what she is doing is not right but continues to do it and get her sister wives to join in . Yes they ‘take care’ of certain nurses . and attack ‘certain nurses ” . INCONSISTENT , in everything they do .


    2. The worst Bd members Carolyn McCormies , Angela Fountain , Elizabeth Boyer, Kyra Locnikar . In that order.
      Locnikar has taken over for Berringer and Anderson who were both there to SECOND and be a back up for McCormies unbelievable crazy notions and thought process .
      Smith seems to be ‘trying’ but then remembers why she is really there .
      Will the newest ones stand their ground or cave in like Hill does to get the cases moving .


      1. Carolyn McCormies is just plain a real ‘don’t get it ” dumb broad . She seems to think the world revolves around her and she is ms. important. No one wants to hear about YOUR VOICE , don’t try to cover up your stupid comments by saying people don’t like your voice. And pity party ‘ can’t change it ” well actually their are dog collars that might help , if that is what you continue to try to convince others . Your comments are plain unbelievably stupid, and repeating the same thing over and over does not help your image you project to others. It also seems that mumbling is on purpose. And maybe McCorney gets it from Emma Mamaluy , who is her idol, (which is a joke of it’s own) E M loves to mumble away and make it so she can’t be heard on purpose . EM also talks in riddles, more of ‘hinting statements ‘ instead of actually making a statement that is concrete and clear . Pretty much they both suck.


      2. Ridenour is not a leader by any means ! A nurse on the agenda , called and left a message on the phone. She was incarcerated . Which Emma Mamaluy the sick prosecutor mind she has was LOUD AND CLEAR on this point to announce and spread the word. Mamaluy gets wet , finding dirt on any nurse. If someone is in jail are they GUILTY ? and did this person know they were playing her VM to the BON member with the audience ? This is like holding court and making someone guilty without any thoughts of any type of due process. This is very typical of EMMA MAMALUY, usually she just makes up lies but she had really good one for them . Then McCorney , said if she is convicted she will lose her license anyways . Nothing like ‘guessing games’ !!


    1. Her ‘legacy ” is the opposite of Mother Theresa ! The LYING LEGACY of the DIRTY DIRECTOR Jokey Ridenour ! Just like BRNOBITCH the entire office is a sham . Just like him . He used taxpayers money to try for Senate but the public is quit aware of the AG and the BON offices. Cohorts in crime. Lots of comments kicking BRNO out the door , just like the nurses want to get rid of RID enour ! Yo, brno
      , now that you’re days away from a crushing defeat in the AZGOP US Sen. primary because you turned your office into a campaign arm, with no success, chased after the Trump endorsement in a groveling manner, and ignored the biggest election fraud in AZ history time to man up and apologize , admit it . Wait for it ! It will be the same day Elizabeth Campbell gives an apology and admits the dirty work . notta !


    2. So many are bad mouthing those who speak the truth , trying to silence them but cannot, so they make up false hoods , rumors , to get others against them . The ‘others ‘ have no clue if what is told to them is true but believe it all and actually act on it . Joining in to assist the dummy who made so made mistakes . Instead of them paying for their mistakes they join like a gang together . yes gang activities are going on at the board of nursing . So stupid those joining in a battle who don’t have a dog in the fight but they think it will be ok , they will be saved if something were to surface. Ever hear “hire a GOOD lawyer” . The reason GOOD is used is because their are some real crappy ones , and the bd of nuts has one right under their nose .


    3. Wonder if Hill Mekoba has read any of the ‘teaching ‘ of her cohorts in crime ?
      President Brigham Young
      ​“Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so.”

      Brigham Young – Journal of Discourses, vol.10, p.110


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