Arizona Board of Nursing

Is a joke ! If you haven’t attended one of the meeting , do so just to hear the fabrication of nonsense . Carolyn McCormies , those who know her call her McCORNEY , is such a fake ! Talking about how to improve meetings , shut her the heck up ! She went on and on about being kind , to everyone . Then repeats herself , over and over. No different words , just the same words kindness, be kind, show kindness , and more kindness. But she is one nasty bitch. Cuts people off, shows favoritism , treats others with disrespect . Got to be kind to one another. how kind are you McCormies taking away a nurses license , based on assumptions ? Then comes the ‘protect the public ” more nonsense . She usually says this after giving someone the ax . Horrible and sickening as they come. Very easy to read, go to a board meeting and you’ll hear , take your barf bag. One of the most rude old hoes on the board . Selling her soul for the board of nursing . Doing what ever the slimy atty tells her to do . Sit up Carolyn , roll over Carolyn, now bark , good girl . The real problem is the other board members follow suit . “beth” Boyer is such a follower, can’t think for herself but always ads after Carolyn babble “i agree” . A really dummy , and to think she is on an education committee . wow . Then Carolyn , says ‘not my area of expertise’ and guess what ! “Boyer ‘ the moron, “no my area of expertise”. Peat and repeat. Dumb and Dumber . No self thinkers .

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