Just when you think that board members cannot do something so foolish, your doubt is soon erased. Take a case of a Nurse who is working as a supervisor. Admitted had a problem and is in the ATD program . A program that allows Nurses to get help , for addiction , privately. And not have probation plastered on the their names , for getting help. This Nurse asked for one day non supervised a Sunday. She works 3 on 4 on schedule. In a small behavioral setting . So because she is a Nurse Mgr working and has been doing this for 2 years with no issues. Like a nurse as a mgr cannot be one day unsupervised. So “BETH ” Boyer , suggested and asked this nurse mgr if she could ‘step down’ and take a position that is not in mgt . ! Change her daily activities and duties at work , add more stress. When what she is doing is working , but to ask other employees to work every Sunday is not right . No wonder employers do not want nurses on probation.

OK “Beth’ , so you want this person to take a different position, and change the schedule , while maintaining her numerous other obligations for this program ? How about you “Beth ” why don’t you take a bedside floor position , because you obviously need to brush up on your hands on skills and thought process . You really are struggling , trying to be on a BON , repeating what other morons say is not helping your case. You are just backing your sister wife McCormies. And when others point things out you just go along with who ever. You really stand for nothing and are hurting nurses who are not part of your background . mormon “faith” aka cult , dutiful dames. Your trying to get signed up again on the BON yet you are not operating and haven’t learned anything . One exception, is always denying withdraw application for licenses , ‘so we don’t lose the information”. Listen to what you are saying air head ! If a person wants to withdraw and not be licensed in AZ , it is none of AZ BON business what other states do ! And if they reapply in AZ at some point , the same back ground will be run . Keeping ‘information ‘ on the record is just STUPID , and your repeating STUPID Carolyn McCormies ! You obviously cannot think for yourself . If your not going to question and grow a back bone , stop destroying nurses lives and get out ! Have you even looked at what denying a license means and affects ??? You do not deserve to be on a BON, and we all know it was your republican husband Paul Boyer , who was reason you got on . And only reason is because do little Ducey is republican .

6 thoughts on “ELIZABETH BOYER”

  1. She believes what others say . Very Gullible . remember “who are these people” . Not something someone would say , if they did not recognize they are being played . Feel for it hook line and sinker . Like students listening to meetings, who the hell gets upset about seeing any phone number . THIS is what is not self thinking , she was hyped up to think the worse and fell for it. And joined in. Unprofessional , poor decision.


    1. Looks like McCormies got her gal pal “Angi” to make motions . Boyer was too slow. And ‘Angi” wants to make sure that her gal pal Carolyn can get on the road and get out early , and not be tired on the road. ALTHOUGH when a CNA from BHC who works nites , asked to have his meeting with the BON which is at 11am ,so he can sleep the BD REFUSED. Made him drive to Phoenix after working all night. This az board if down right dangerous to nurses .


    2. Boyer made a comment on a case that the rest were trying to attack the nurse about relative’s involvement . Boyer said , we shouldn’t be involved in personal family disputes. That is the smartest thing she has ever said.


    3. How do smart , loving , accomplished people end up on a bon with disordered indiviuals, using your good human qualities against you . ? They target vulnerable , ones who are afraid to speak up , and hijack your good reputation .


  2. Make no mistake people like Boyer, Krishna, Campbell, Mcorny etc. are not Republicans or Democrat, nor are they Christian’s or for the good. They are spineless dominions of Lucifer just like the QUEER DUCEY with his pants down for Pence.

    President Trump was couped by evil so one world order could resume. Ducey, McCain, and many others were never ELECTED into their political positions, it was voter fraud.

    If your freedom of speech is suppressed, if you are canceled from your profession for telling the truth, or blowing the whistle on corruption then the actions are about evil control to suppress the righteous. Katie Hobbs, Ducey, etc. are evil, and are Clinton & Soros pawns.



    1. In preparation for the next board meeting and training , McCormies gets Boyer, and Fountain together for a refresher course in DEMONIZE , DEFUND, and DISMANTLE . Don’t forget this is how we do it at the BON, and ‘help me keep Ellis from asking questions” . Emma Mamaluy, “i know I will just tell her we will act like a real board and tell her to say “pres. can I speak ? ” . Instead someone should stick a sock in McCormies and Mamaluy’s mouths !


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