As if things do not get any weirder , she does things that make you want to say WTH was she thinking . Why ? case before the BD , they call a nurse, and no answer , tabled . She had called the BON office (who doesn’t know how to answer a phone). and left two voice messages. Well the taping said , call from some jail. and she wants to move case to next meeting. SO Trina Smith who is about as trust worthy as Hurtado , tells mambubble butt about it . She interrupts the Bd meeting all excited , surely was ‘wet ‘ down there over a nurse incarcerated and could not wait to spread the news. Told the Bd pres, with highly suggestive excite ability , do it .!… Do you want me to play what she says . ??? OF Course McCormies thinks she ‘s a cop and a lawyer, but once she opens her big mouth all doubt is erased . THEY PLAYED THE VM OUT LOUD IN A PUBLIC RECORDED MEETING . Oh yes , tape said ‘jail’ McCormies who likes to say the worst of anyone , “Is she is prison or jail”? Yea legal beagle all arrests are sentenced within days to prison . moron. Then Stupid McCormies says without knowing ANY FACTS , “she will be felony barred anyways”. yep that crystal ball in her pea brain working again , but she has to say it 3 times because other board members can’t ‘get it ‘ the first time!

Don’t leave a message on the bd’s phone because they will play it at a open meeting . BUT if your a patient , they will scream at the phone to give initials only , like it is some type of emergency , end of the world . SHAME ON MAMALUY and MCCORMIES , you are a disgrace to humanity . !

2 thoughts on “EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY”

    1. There needs to be a ‘brady list ‘ for crooked lawyers , those who commit criminal acts , dishonesty , and other integrity concerns. Sure looks like she would fit the bill.. She loves to influence others , that anyone who goes against her is off their rocker .


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