AZ Board of Nursing Corruption

Amazing the stupidity of the members on this board. They are all being directed by dirty players , mgt, assoc directors, atty, back room ‘education’ members who were former pres of the BON, Kathy Malloch, Kathy Scott , who is mormon , assoc with Banner . Just one big political corrupt cohort web.

Where do they come up with such nonsense . IF a person applies for their first license in AZ and they have some type of old back ground , that shows up on the check , they will deny them a license. IF a nurse from another state has the same thing , and that state did nothing , they will give them a license , but usually probation.

Seem odd ? Well , here is their logic , They do not want to ‘lose the information’ . No kidding ! As if this is not on record that this ssan , the license was denied . Then as if that doesn’t make you scratch your head, if another state (other than Arizona ) which is NOT the ARIZONA boards jurisdiction , knows about it , then it is ok , and it has been dealt with . Although most states do nothing on a first time dui . AZ BON gets their nose out of joint on many issues . They have no business reaching to other states to make sure they destroy the nurses careers.

So it was dummy Carolyn McCormies who said it first and now without questions any logic at all ‘beth” Boyer is making this ridiculous statement ! Do any of them THINK what they are saying ?

Then the motion , ‘deny license ” . Never do they discuss what this really means and how much is affected. But they do in other cases .

A CRNA who does not want a LOC for refusing a drug test , (which means POSITIVE ). Because it is harder on them than a RN to get on with a hospital because they must get privileges. WTH ???? And they must disclose it . Like a RN applying doesn’t have to answer if they have ever had a board complaint ??? So deny licenses , and cause LONG TERM , SEVERE damage. But withhold a LOC on a CRNA , so they can get privileges . Actually this is a lie because they generally join a group, and they do the back ground and send them in to do cases.

But ‘my gal angi” . FOUNTAIN . likes to protect those CRNA’s , she is unfair, biased, and not treating the person who is a CNA, RN , or LPN with any respect at all . Angela Fountain is also Ms Gullible , when McCormies is banging in her ear.

Students will not notice one meeting or half a day but there is a real pattern . Over sight of this Board , the Dir isn’t doing it , no agency is.

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