AZAS Thomas Muller

It was written about this CRNA who went to school in MI got CRNA , then went to Calif and worked as an RN , Now it was taken off his MI license off nursys .   He was working at the surgery center connected with Yuma Regional Med Center . Owned and operated by YRMC . And went their as a AZAS , floater, drifter , day be day temp.   And part of Randy Quinn’s group AZAS (anesthesia solutions) .   Remember the former pres of the board of nursing , the goon Randy Quinn, the one who was so rude disrespected all nurses . Public reprimands, demeaning and demands that weren’t legal.  Mouthy SOB. is what he is . 

Muller had a BON complaint , not selecting the proper dose of lidocaine per wt, age, (which is what crna do ) . And then in Sept he had another bon complaint , on his charting , wrote “b/p good”.  No numeral numbers , imagine a lawyer would have a field day with that one , ‘describe good”.  He also could not write a legible dose of propofol on the medication sheet what was given. Most states would send him for a hand writing class.

This is just sloppy work . The facility would be in legal hot water . It looks like, we’ll never get an answer, some records were rigged to get him hired at AZAS, and then they put back on.  It seems that once someone giving a non disciplinary warning they next time they should have DOC (or something more severe . ) < Angela Fountain Lied to rest of board members “he’s never had anything on his record before”. Look again . I appears the other board members can’t see anything for themselves or read a profile. Looks like it was removed and then when it appears more likely than not , they decided to get rid of him, they put it back. Sneaky tricks. (Is that because it is harder for a CRNA to get privileges with a ding on your record ) . They also took his MI license off his record. Now Mi is not part of Nursys , but it is a big part of the record . Since he got CRNA there , something happened because he started working as an RN . (more hidden record) . AZ BON doesn’t believe in continuing education.  Nurses do not need to obtain Continuing education to renew their license. Unheard of in most states.

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