Ok so a NP who’s certification lapsed was told by the BON he was not to see patients, he did anyways. He had an insurance pay out “pt harmed” . At Chino clinic. He had his girl friends unlicensed uncertified daughter drawing up and giving meds , calling patients with lab results.

He borrowed 50k from two patients . Boundary issues . He was given a $500 fine . That is more than an atty charges for one hour . He was given 60 days to pay , that is longer then a bon ordered psych evaluation which is 45 days.

Anyone else get this sweet deal ? AZ BON is full of favoritism of a few that have connections. Oh and McCormies who likes to look at every little bullet point detail, bring it up, never mentioned any of the items that are a BIG deal. So every case is marked, and discussed ahead of time , so that the madame bd whore pres will know how to hint to others.

He is Mark Priola , NP Prescott .


    1. Contact the Ombudsman and ask who is training their “intern” CONNOR ? As an intern , his citizens’ aide is , hanging up the phone. No way should this little focker graduate and go to work in any field. His reputation will follow him . PUBLIC SERVICE CAREER ? Kid’s got A LOT TO LEARN . Needs is a55 warmed . Connor Mueller – Assistant Intake Ombudsman

      Connor Mueller joined the Ombudsman team in January of 2022. Connor studies at ASU and is working towards a Bachelor’s in Political Science. He joined our team through the ASU Legislative Internship program and hopes to graduate this year after finishing the program. Connor’s goal is to enter a public service career.


  1. Anyone ever tell him the AZ BON is corrupt he would argue ‘fair” surely. Along with others who get special treatment. So even if a person has had a BD complaint and dealt with them , they still may not believe the complete craziness the little Hitler’s put others through. OVER SIGHT is needed for this ‘out of control board” .


  2. My atty does not like the Arizona bd of nursing, she goes along with most things. But the more she argues the worse it gets . She is an exceptional attorney , doesn’t want to deal with bd of nursing but takes some cases . She describes arguing with the atty on staff at the bon, as a FILTHY P I G and further says “Arguing with a lawyer is like wrestling with a pig in mud — sooner or later, you realize they like it.” (between you and me ) that’s why can’t post her name . You might know who I m talking about down in AZ and get the much needed joy of laughing as much as I did . (hint FILTHY P I G was focused in a picture not long ago , so I know you know she a real mud slinging bitch who loves to through dirt around . OINK OINK


      1. posted on line a former AZ Mgr is now in Calif . He was at phx mem abrazo (where he turned in nurses to the AZ BON , ‘alot’ ) and is doing it now in calif . Who is this , Scott Morey, anyone get a board complaint and he was behind it contact admin of this site. Seems to be an on going problem . Guess he learned the AZ way of doing business in a hospital that disrespects nurses . Just report them . (the message was , not things that rose to bon complaint or were retaliation , lots have quit on him , can you blame them)


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