AZBN is such a disappointment

If you are on the agenda and case is being discussed, the last thing you want to hear is “maybe she doesn’t want us to know.” (quote Carolyn McCormies. ) Let me tell you Ms McCormies, you are not being KIND , like you tell others. Your suspicious attitude with no foundation is not appreciated. Influencing others on the board (who are EASILY influenced ) but making such statements is uncalled for . Are you implying that nurses need to tell the BON everything ? That they must give a full rendition of what is not only n/a ( not applicable) but basically somethings are NONE OF THE BOARDS business ! McCormies doesn’t say it once she has to say it over and over . This is a sign of someone who has low IQ , or thinks they know more than others. They have to tell the dummies more than once so they ‘get it ‘.

So many rude comments all basically making the nurse out to be a liar . Implying not telling the truth. When one questioned her, she denied it , again over and over . “oh no no , that’s not what I meant ” repeat and repeat . Something wrong with this person . Obvious no one listens to her mouth running at home so she has to go on and on when some pour decision to put her on a board and give the moron a mic.

Then she is self focusing on herself every chance she gets. “this is my voice’ NO ONE CARES ! It is the stupid statements that come out of that MOUTH ! . NOW she is using that as , her excuse for others to make the motions. She has her sneaky ways about that too. Various comments some are for the nurse, once someone makes a comment against, bang ! McCormies jumps on it “IS THAT YOUR MOTION ?” what don’t these gutless board members say , no I was commenting and this discussion is still going on , and if YOU think that should be a motion make it and see how it goes . (of course McCormies has her side kicks in crime “Angi my girl” and “boyer by stand by seconder ” , once in a while Lockinar stops playing with her hair long enough to second a nurses motion . since she is a professional board sitter .

Then when someone makes a motion , before someone can second it , McCormies jumps in and say’s “I m going to speak against it ” WHOA < talk about RUDE and violation ROBERTS RULES . McCormies has NO business at all interrupting when a motion is on the floor. But Carolyn McCormies has got to have her way , sad for nurses that someone who is part of a cult and her thought process is so messed up on judging others , that she and only she knows what’s best for everyone . Just ask her . She is not part of a board she thinks she is the board. When other board members do not stand their ground , or speak up , or say hey wait a minute I want more information on this before I just vote and get through the agenda so ms thinks she is important can get out early . And Angi helping her by rattling off , fast talker, the nurse doesn’t know what was said or what happened . Shame belongs to a few of these board members who just want to lie about reading cases and vote , relying on others , and think the lawyers will bail their butts out of anything .

5 thoughts on “AZBN is such a disappointment”

  1. Nicole Linton RN…….WOW MAN…this one is a shocker.

    Nurse Linton killed 6 people & hurt multiple others but this was far from the first accident she caused which harmed other people, she was also admitted involuntary into psychiatric facilities while licensed in TX, not to mention jumping on a cop car, and jumping out the window of an apartment.
    I guess in certain states certain people are treated with favoritism. There were signs of Linton incompetence early on and no board of nursing nor employer did anything to help her nor her victims.

    Some nurses are lied on while others literally run crazy…………


    1. Lots of unanswered questions. Did the facility who admitted her , as a mandated reporter , report this to the Bd of nursing ? If they did not , they hold some responsibility . If they did and the Bd of nursing did not triage properly , and act they have a responsibility . It looks like the latter, because all of her licenses were clear . No drugs showed up in system, if this included psych meds or not? no alcohol . Many cases before the bd of nursing are over 4 years old. and they get away with ‘short staffed”. Many of the matters are not even cases . Others are played down.


  2. The nursing boards are supposed to send out “internal” ( emails to all other boards & hospitals informing them of a dangerous individual, however due to the staff at nursing boards being so mentally disorganized they simply cannot prioritize the most severe cases, and its really not about public safety it’s about the WOKE SH!T.
    Nursing boards short staffed my blood foot, the heads of the boards don’t want to hire more staff because they might have to take a pay cut.
    Linton worked for Multiple hospitals in that rat ran city Houston TX, cover-up is the name of the game, an U can bet UR A$$ they are now working overtime to cover-up ever hospital she was “FIRED” from due to… show for a shift, medication ERROR, patient harm, coming in LATE, an so on.
    The psychiatrist is as well in cover-up mode, she should have never been allowed to get license in other states after MULTIPLE REPORTS ABOUT HER MENTAL INSTABILITY.
    Woke is the name and woke is the game.

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    1. Joke Ridenour blames everything gone wrong on ‘we’re short staffed” and even said she was doing the work of three ! (laughing hysterically) . (Two ASSociate directors gone at once , a back story for sure). Joke wants the state to give her more investigators. The Investigations are deeper than a multiple murder trial preparation . Joke Ridenour , is not about safety or she would be for hospitals staffing the nurses better . Joke is against this , but wants more staff so they have time to play around and do their strange spy work . You would need a cow trough to use as a bedpan to use for the size turds and the amount of shit she is full of . And what about AMN who hired this woman . The head of the snake is responsible for everything under their watch and she has put the most incompetent in charge of minor tasks they can’t complete .


    2. This AZ BON is so scared to death of someone getting hired that will whistleblow then apart , they make their staff who have been initiated mafia style to see who they have loyalty to and make them investigators. Look at Gari Carroll, follows commands like a beagle on hunting day . Look at Brent , a real pussy who plays games with faxes, he should wear a man bun, pick out a new lipstick and watch pbs .


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