Arizona board of nursing agency

Are you the type to be easily swayed , easily brain washed , and join in with the jr high mentality ? When someone is trying to get you to believe the worst, and you do by your actions , do you not have the ability to think for yourself ? Try to ask your self the question , why is she telling us this ? Why is she bashing , almost daily , and obviously making up stories to add to her crazy comments. Does this person have a persecution complex that everyone who got a punitive decision is out to get her and every board member and they should be ‘AFRAID”. and Watch and report to HER.

Are you so stupid you can be dragged into the dark rumors childish ostracizing ,when she is the aggressive one ? Not innocent as she tried to appear ! A constant attempt to get people to think the worst of someone , and join her little gang and go against someone . Constant memos to keep you “updated” which is her lie for putting lies out there . Posting negative remarks at any occasion , a trick of hers.

It is part of this controlled coercion , that sometimes benefits the wrong doer , into getting others to think the ‘target’ is the wrong doer. When they are doing no such thing. Taking adverse actions , denying any wrong doing . And of course falsely labeling the person. You see others joining in and adding their own remarks. Try thinking , for once. Why would they do that ? They are being exposed and don’t want you to hear the truth . One way to accomplish that is by making it harder for them to have any contact , or be around , so they play their jr high games. Then the real stickler is when she defends your actions , as if someone is overly imaginative . You know what you do , did, and what is really happening . Pretend for now.

Are you going to part of this gang style ? Are you going to THINK for yourself or let others manipulate your mind ? Be careful. Tread very carefully. No comment is NO COMMENT. but most people cannot keep their trap shut , so they just say , a couple of words. proves the point and now your in the gang . Your initiation is over .

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