I will be this boards worst nitemare

Wait until I get into nursing school. Then get a license . I already know everything and my thoughts are based on nothing but one sided thinking . Move out of the way , I will pursue this route . Too much money to be made . Stop posting shortage of nursing so I can get into a school. Everyone is talking about it . A rouse .

11 thoughts on “I will be this boards worst nitemare”

  1. Anne E. is another K. Woehead from AZNA. Remember in January 2020 the severe borderline polysubstance abuser Woehead posted her number on Peary’s site so people would contact her, of course she would not tell them Busby, and other AZ BON members were listening to conversations she had with people who called her.
    She repeatedly stated how to change the AZBN was with a “Sunset Review”, Woehead is nothing more than a whore for RIDENOUR, Ridenour knows how to pick the severely mentally ill Borderlines with substance abuse disorders. WHAT autonomous, critical thinking, articulate, well educated NURSE would crawl on their belly like a snake up to Ridenour to get a license reinstated in AZ?, only a borderline polysubstance user that jeopardized her children’s life while driving to What-a-burger drugged up, that’s who! I am not fooled by these sick games, and you AZBN who are having people I have not heard from in YEARS contact me via email to “see how I am after all these years and to get me to do FaceTime with them”, OMG…..AZBN has some STUPID STUPID STUPID PREDATORS WORKING THERE.

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      1. Not a pretend person. If you want to pretend your against the board of nursing to try to nail other nurses , I am not the one. Contact WHOA HEAD .
        part of the AZ NA , who suck up to the BON to keep their license and in good standing .


    1. Had her figured out . easy to read her real motives . There are those who are heard head and easily swayed and led by a noose who defend . ALl fake promises , and will never amount to anything. Gonna do this Gonna do that . EXCUSE: takes time must be professional or they will laugh at you . (now that is laughable !)


    2. Oh yes this does sound right on . Not the first person to contact that is working for the dirty director. What do they get for trying to trip up a nurse who has been harmed and is already in a sinking state ? They get to keep their license and be left alone . You have already seen the uneven punishment , or NO punishment . Collecting millions of dollars to run an organization to weed out those who may not be up to safe nursing . And misusing taxpayers money . Not too far fetched that Joke Ridenour is not operating in the black, but orange will be the new black for her !


  2. Oh yes, remember when that kim posted and acted as if she was a victim of the AZBN all along volunteering at AZNA. I think she has some advocacy group now where she charges the members 120.00 a year. Funny thing, I believe someone said she and her group was forwarding all personal and
    private billing information onto to az bon.
    Well never trust an addict.


    1. Ridenour hates the BAD MEDIA attention she gets. Well deserved ! How to solve it , give someone money to start a non profit , and get them side tracked into thinking they are going to ‘work together ‘ to straighten out the Corrupt Arizona Board of Nursing , office and BON! Then talk the drunk Busby into helping them start the non profit. Then persuade dummies , who believe their line of bs , and silence them under the guise of being ‘professionals”. (ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!” never did trust her ! Like seeing people join the cult , feel for it hook line and sinker ! Control Freak K W


    2. Never trust is right . Always talking “together” as long as she calls all the shots . Betting maybe the funds to start up non profit came from the bd. The AZBON wants to spread rumors that every nurse who objects to their labeling , bullying and down right dirty tactics is crazy or dangerous. Amazing how they get people who have never met talked to the nurse spreading what ever they hear. As low as bd members go their are those who are ‘helpers” , who think because they have a msn they know more than other nurses. ! DUH , no one cares about ‘best practice ” and statistics ! But these helpers , who also like to label , anyone who tells the truth about the nasty BON , they think they may need some help , because they are damaged ,(according the self appointed authorities ) . And she has the cure for you! Helping the bon, you cannot trust them . Is this action so they keep the bon off of their license , uh huh ! The ones who try to get closer find out info, run as fast as you can they do not have your best interest. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Working for the bon, infiltrating organizations and speaking with authority as if they know anything. First hint was when she went to a BON meeting , and asked a staged question , a set up, never said her name just asked a question to get it on the record. Yep they are working it together . Be very leery . Looks like she already convinced the one who spoke freely. No he has a chain on his lips, or he is accused of being unprofessional . (does sound like the board ! )


    3. Don’ t trust her . Or anyone from AZ nurse ASSociation. Rude and crude . In 5 years nothing will be done that goes against the azbn NOTHING, all talk . Then maybe those brain washed will wake up .


  3. ♪ Whiskey River take my mind don’t let her memory torture me ♪
    ♪Whiskey River don’t run dry you’re all I got take care of me ♪………

    Yeah…..well….makes a person wonder if that ain’t what old Billy sings while he’s hidden in the closet playing with them Indian artifacts. And just maybe that’s why Ridenour said in one of the public board meetings, “Once an Addict always an Addict”, maybe she and billy had a squabble the night before while he was toasted, and her comment was not just for them addict nurses like Kim but for Billy too.


    1. Surely Joke Ridenour knows about addicts . She ‘s addicted to playing , get one up on the nurse, and use taxpayers money to screw the pooch. Addicted to being a dirty old woman . Got to have that power , no one would elect her as Mayor or Mayor, or Joke Arpaio as Mayor , has been’s never was . rot in hell .


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