Arizona Nurses ASSociation

This organization and anyone who belongs to this group cannot be trusted. They should be called COHORTS of the Corrupt Board of Nursing. The fact that a BON member , who was on the BON for over 8 years , then immediately went to the AZNA , as a lobbyist . The AZNA and the BON are very much connected , shameful these nurses who join who think they are going to get better working conditions so they can do their job. Only to be blown off by DAWNA CATO .

No matter what case that is so egregious , so off the wall , the punishment does not fit the crime in the least . But remain no comment. Wait until it happens to one of theirs . Shame on those who had the power to do something but did nothing but join in the witch games of the dirty board. The AZNA and the AZBON both give nurses a bad name .

Nasty Carolyn McCormies , rude to nurses , saying, ‘nursing is the most trusted profession, blah blah , you must be part of helping keep the profession professional. REALLY but none of the above do ?

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