We have all seen violations at work .Go ahead and post what you saw or heard about that never got to the Board of Nursing , but your nonsense case made it into the hands of the corrupt board/ agency.

  1. Working at a hospital where their were floaters , always wanting to move into a department they were not qualified for . Nurse who was not one of those who paid attention to detail. Picked up a tele monitor , off the desk, where their were several . Placed it on a patient . monitor showed a lethal arrhythmia , code, drugs , patient did not make it. You seasoned nurses know what happened , the nurse put the wrong monitor on the wrong patient so they treated the wrong patient while the one with the problem was left to die. Never saw this person’s name on the az bon agenda , ever.

9 thoughts on “We have all seen violations at work .Go ahead and post what you saw or heard about that never got to the Board of Nursing , but your nonsense case made it into the hands of the corrupt board/ agency.”

  1. I was a staff nurse in the valley but did registry work throughout the Phoenix valley on my days off sometimes.
    My company called an asked if I would cover some shifts at PHOENIX MEMORIAL in the ICU.
    I knew that was a poorly ran facility due to hospital management, (is and always has been).
    After getting my assignment, report, and doing my assessment I go into the mediation room to get the patients IV medication…..WOW…just…WOW…both of my patients I was assigned to and many other patients had IV medication that was sitting in their IV bins that had never been hung (administered), and there was days of medication never hung.
    Pharmacy came in as I was gathering my meds, I mentioned all the medication in the bins, an the pharmacist said, “we make it but it’s never administered to the patients, what can you do?”.
    OK, AZBN HOES if it’s charted then it was given right…….LOL LOL LOL LOL.


    1. Sounds like the place a cardiologist had a nurse order a pacemaker on ebay and he surgically placed it . No one every knew until the patient had trouble with it. Again never saw this partner in crime nurse on the AZ bon agenda . Knowing them they are the ones who sold it .


  2. Thanks to the developer, an moderator of this site for all you do.

    Now for AZBN TRUTHS….I too worked in AZ, took a travel assignment at one of the st. Luke’s facilities ICU.
    I noticed my patients had medications not given many times throughout my 13 weeks there. I would see staff nurses sitting during most of the shift but would start doing a little work around 4:30 or 5:00 towards the end of the shift.
    Now I alway turn my vent’ed patients every 2 hours or ask a team member to reposition them if I am to busy, even if the patient was on a premium HILL-ROM beds. Well I saw staff nurses never turn their patients, suction them, administer medication, nor review labs so electrolytes could be replaced (ICU 101) but they did sit and read ROMANCE NOVELS the majority of the 12 hours an CHART.
    Now I like to watch NOVA, & DISCOVERY and I will say one thing those two channels do report accurate science about how the HUMAN BODY can recover its self in dire circumstances. If it weren’t for GOD, sick people in AZ would not survive because AZBN, and the AZ HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION is NOT FOR PATIENT SAFETY.

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    1. Between the Corrupt BON, the AZHHA, OAH, OMBUDSMAN, GOLDWATER , AG office, GOV office , Hospitals mgt , EEOC , who all seem to think that all complaints are fabrications , and the person complaining is just delusional . Nice try worthless agencies ! Keep pretending and being incompetent in your actions. It will catch up to you . Your going to look really stupid when you have an army who are all saying the same things. Who is there for the nurse. (plz , do not say this new group , ). The members and who are involved are not going to do anything against the corrupt bon. Contacting the above agencies , WASTE OF TIME, research on staffing ratios WASTE OF TIME. Pretending to be against the corrupt bon, waste of time. It is ACTION that will make change. Jokey gearing up . Sneaky bag of wind .


  3. I will not identify the meds. or it will identify me, I will tell the story though.

    We as nurses learned in BASIC PHARMACOLOGY you just don’t run certain medications together in the IV lines, even after we graduate we are informed again by the package on the IV Bag.
    BANNER facility managers friends & lovers can do as they please even if it shut patients KIDNEYS DOWN.
    While the off going RN & I were in a patients room she gave me report, I noticed a medication piggybacked into a vasoactive medication which was clearly labeled with RED LETTER NOT COMPATIBLE. I stopped the piggyback med., cleared as much out of the line as I could then informed her these meds cannot run together, she replied by saying “it’s no big deal”. Long story short after report she told her buddy who was charge nurse an who was buddy to management, I was told there was nothing to worry about by charge nurse.
    Come to work two days later patient is getting dialysis due to kidney failure. DX for kidney failure was “UNSPECIFIED”.
    Dumb ass is as dumb ass does. That be BANNER.

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    1. Talk about not compatible. Running a TPN , lipids in the wrong line not designed , is not compatible with life. Never saw this one before the AZ BON either .


    2. Chg Nurse in Washington called fire dept to help. one commenter wrote “Talking to nurse friends former places that we worked together in AZ , the patients are calling 911.
      One man said when he had spinal anesthesia he had to be cath once after. Rn calls Dr over and over . Patient calls 911 , ER doc walks in the room with handful of catheters .
      Many more events than this . Nursing is a sweat shop . RUN !


  4. A student & a stethoscope:
    Remember when joke liked to ostracize by putting the hearings on the web and you could hear and see the board meetings fairly well, not like now.
    Ok this case literally makes it to the board meeting which was okayed by that no other than the American hating HURTADO, “nurse student & a stethoscope”. A male nursing student forgot his stethoscope one clinical morning so he borrowed one of the MANY STETHOSCOPES LAYING OR HANGING around the unit. His vile vicious jealous HOE preceptor who knew AZBN STAFF and was not happy he used a stethoscope that was available, so she files a board complaint, YES THATS RIGHT, she literally files a complaint because the nervous student forgot his stethoscope and borrowed one that was available on the unit.
    The complaint was heard at the board meeting, it was dismissed but what a laughing stock RIDENOUR & her triage HOE HURTADO, & the Preceptor were that day an still are.

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    1. When the whacked job randy ‘queer one’ quinn , and his cousin carolyn ‘crazy’ mccormies , tell their friends to watch them at the board of nursing . Like this a running a judges show. But then one day a nurse , let them have it what they were really all about and boom the recorded live came down. Now they cut and paste recordings , leave parts out , mess around with legal records. look at home many have left the department . Now there is Zimmerman , who is time stamp queen .


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