What happens to the Real Board complaints ?

Must be a deep dark hole they fell into . Get a board complaint , and then look around at all of the real dangerous , nurses they should be looking at . We all have stories . Well one of those who needed to be looked at when he started causing a lot of trouble , harassing nurses , was Joseph Leal .

What happened to the BON complaint when he was escorted out of the hospital in Casa Grande ? Needing a new job headed to Prescott . Worked on 4th floor then somehow ended up in ICU, where they thought he was cats a55. Harassing a few of the nurses. Never saw his BON complaint show up on the agenda . Hmmmm. Dated a nurse in Prescott , who ‘had to file protection order on him”. Strike two. Were others catching on. HE refused to cover a tatoo , so went to the VA . If the BON ever requested records what took place in C G , they might think twice about , calling their contact in Prescott asking what kind of a nurse, and should the BON pursue a complaint . They don’t want a hospital having to pay to hire and train a new one so , they do their ‘pre – questionaire ‘ as Joke Ridenour puts it “our contacts we’ve worked well with “. Translation : sneaky underhanded and willing to say what ever the BON wants , behind closed doors.

Every BON complaint should be before the BON, the agency says they cannot toss them but OBVIOUSLY do ! Got the proof . reporter kept sent, date time , and not ever heard before the BON. Public safety , is their biggest bullsh*t line !

9 thoughts on “What happens to the Real Board complaints ?”

    1. Some real weird stuff going on with that staff over at the VA ! . Nasty nurses at VA and AZ BON, and the aag joined in for the corruption. not that the atty still at the bon is not an A HOLE, just another one. Too much faith put into this one’s ability , don’t bet the farm JOKE Ridenour


    2. All of the requirements in the consent agreement were not doable . The investigator K. HARRINGTON , knew this , avoid contact over and over , finally nailed her down and had to admit zero courses in AZ in person the way it was written. Very common of this corrupt board to get a nurse to sign to do things to keep their license then put things in that are impossible to do and laugh about it , how they were TRICKED. Shame on Harrington. and all of them at the BON ! The Consent agreement should have been rescinded by the bon IF THEY ARE FAIR and impartial, but they are NOT . Most of the ones on the BON are so jaded , and evil they just cannot see beyond the end of their now . Very easily brain washed into obedience and inflicting pain and suffering on others . So Sickening , and they all go into a state agency and invite their cult members to join them. If just one they would be run out on a rail !


  1. Remember when joke liked to ostracize by putting the hearings on the web and you could hear and see the board meetings fairly well, not like now. Ok this case literally makes it to the board meeting which was okayed by that no other than the American hating HURTADO, “nurse student & a stethoscope”. A male nursing student forgot his stethoscope one clinical morning so he borrowed one of the MANY STETHOSCOPES LAYING OR HANGING around the unit. His vile vicious jealous HOE preceptor who knew AZBN STAFF was not happy he used a stethoscope that was available, so she files a board complaint, YES THATS RIGHT, she literally files a complaint because the nervous student forgot his stethoscope and borrowed one that was available on the unit.
    The complaint was heard at the board meeting, it was dismissed but what a laughing stock RIDENOUR & her triage HOE HURTADO, & the Preceptor were that day and still are.

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    1. SHOW ME YOUR STETHOSCOPE ! This AZ Board is nuts . Dismissed or not this is a record of having been before the Board before. Just as Rudy mentioned, the AZBON is careful who they let in to work there . So they keep the ones who have been through ‘initiation ” by the mafia . Between DELORES HURTADO, and TRINA SMITH , which one is the biggest liar , willing to lie for jokey , who gives big Christmas bonuses lets them have time off while adjusting the hours worked. Using states money to buy them off . Souless sisters.


    2. Oh yes JOKEY RIDENOUR has a real mean streak going . Nasty old black hearted hag who is like a witch , smirking when gets one over . Putting hearings on web. what about the lies they write about nurses and write under their name.? (selectively ) . This is how this kkkkult operates in the days they are not screwing nurses over at the bd. They publicly shame those who get out of the mormon cult , putting CES letters public so everyone can see. A final swift kick in the arce. It wasn’t until the bon staff got told in no uncertain terms what a holes they are , and their temple twats watching . They wanted to cut parts out be couldn’t when live . Even Jokey couldn’t figure that one out , but took it down . No transparency !


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