The answer<by who?> to nurses leaving the bedside , or ‘getting the hell out” is to bring in foreign nurses. This has been done over the years. Why do nurse in the US allow this ? If an automobile plant brought in workers from other countries the union would stop this . You cannot take sick patients to others countries so they bring in the new grad nurses from other countries.

The agency Peyton-Grady who paid the foreign nurses low wages for the us , got them licensed is also partner with Kathy Malloch who was former president of the AZ BON. WHO IS STILL THERE , just moved to a new department. <Ridenour has the dirt on her and knows she won’t expose their illegal wrong doings > .

Malloch wrote nursing books which turned out to be a big farce. Nurses wrote reviews what a bunch of nonsense did not recommend and wanted their money back. Kathy Malloch Exposed. she was upset (as upset as nurses get when they get a BS complaint the crazy BON runs with) . She went to Emma Mama-luy who consoled her , rubbed vicks on her chest , and said , there there, don’ t quit. Of course Emma the self serving one , doesn’t want to have to train a new one , how to do cases with favoritism , look at who is involved , and then either turn a blind eye or nail them . Think Mama-luy cares about anyone but her own money and feathering her own nest ? Watch her lie . <when mouth moving she’s lying >.

They are bringing in nurses fast tracking from other countries, cut your pay or keep it low especially travelers . Pay them peanuts the agency makes money off them with long contracts. They come in nice to you because if they get canned they go back , visa exp. Don’t think that those on the BON aren’t making money , first the BON staff is part of the agency who bring them in, and make sure they get licenses . To them it is big bucks but doesn’t take them long for AM Greed to set in and figure out how to open assisted livings , and hire only their same nationality . Don’t trust outsiders. Nurses are their own worst enemies they fight with each other instead of forming a union to help themselves and make them do the right thing. UNIONS !! Yes you can say it !

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