Elizabeth Campbell gone from AZBN

This dirty one who is Queen Elizabeth of prosecutorial misconduct certainly had it made at the AZBN . She would prosecute anything this corrupt AZBN dreamed up . No questions , no integrity , no conscience ! Campbell the one who had free reign and lots of taxpayers money , to take down anyone who appeared to be a threat to Joke Elizabeth Ridenour’s political cohorts in crime. Campbell was due to regret her decisions. Gathering dirt from sources she had no business doing , but she wanted to ‘win’ she wanted to keep her numbers up . As if a state agency ever loses at OAH, a rigged event for sure. She had it made . Loved the money , got worse at her digging but then to the Jokey Elisabeth she was doing good , smirking Jokey , loved it . She was under false impression that no nurse dare expose her. Just put them on probation and charge them with unprofessional conduct if they say anything about pouting pettifogger Campbell. Nurses know exactly what she was doing. And her boss Harris in licensing made bigger mistakes letting her off her leach . Campbell got her tits in the wringer when she tried to go to big boys court and lost , was reprimanded , so she got out. Brno can also blame her for many votes lost , you do not mess with nurses . They will fight for patients and against anything as weird as Campbell and her tactics . Elizabeth “Beth ” Campbell reputation will follow her , she will fall faster next time. Good Riddance ! The nurses you fked over will remember you will a bad taste for sure and wonder how anyone can do this to someone who has done nothing but work hard . the only one who won’t remember is the one who committed suicide over the details , that were unrelated , and should never have been posted on the www. So now look at what is on the www. Bethy the unethical ,unprofessional , underhanded commoner . Campbell won with money , paralegals who did the most work, and bosses who are too lazy to check on what the sneaky bitch was really doing . !

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