Feel Free to Post anonymously

If you or someone you know has had problems with boards of nursing . Boards are out of control. The ones who have not had a board compliant seem to think they know how it works. They really have only renewed and that is their only contact . Try telling them about the wicked AZ board and they just can’t believe it .

We all had some idea that their was some board somewhere who if you did something wrong you would find out . Somehow you knew you did not want to find out , and had a fear about them . Not every day or even really thought much about it but , it did not seem like anything you wanted to experience.

You go in thinking this is all normal and no state agency would purposely do to nurses what they do , or act in such an unprofessional manner . OR that it is ALL a rigged event . From psych evals , to OAh are all rigged with dirty players involved.

Once you find out how messed up the system is and wished you would have known more before hand , you tell others nurses. (They are the worst , they always think , more to it and anyone before the BON is just a drugged up. a thief, should be in a straight jacket with mental disorders , did great bodily harm to a patient, abandoned patients, gave wrong medications, or even killed a patient . Even nurses who know what the BON writes for the www is basically 99% lies , they will still read it ,a work of fiction . No one believes how the system is run , they just have a preconceived notion and can’t shake it . There must be some truth to what the nurses are telling others by the constant , threat do not tell anyone !!!! Why not ? They want to use their bag of tricks on the next naive nurse who comes along and surely do not want you smartening this person up . They will control their mind and give them threats and deadlines and orders . Listen to those who know the next move it will shock you !

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