Medical Center anything goes

This place is called hospital “only one in town’ in the South Eastern corner. Floated to pacu which is dangerous for a med surgical nurse , but anything goes. A patient they all seemed to know came from the OR , one of the transporters said she had a ‘tit job ” . not my patient. Patient female 30’ish sound asleep , the others nurses went over pulled back the sheet, and were playing with her ‘tit job” , acting like that were oohing and awing at how big her “tits’ were . massaging them , taking photos , while this unsuspecting woman lay naked from the waist up while female nurses who playing with her . The two who were mocking her body parts were favored ones of the medical center , so you just knew telling anyone was not going to go anywhere and would get the person in trouble . Then woke up N/v and her nurse took phenergan and slammed it IV . whoa , wth ! . Then patient fell into a deep sleep again . In walks the maintenance man, and they showed him ! her new ‘tits’ . They noticed the look of disgust , and said ‘everyone knows everyone in this town’ . So they share patients privates with each other ? Time to have an emergency back home and get the heck out of dodge !

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