When my case comes up this is what it will be . Heard too much about this crazy agency. In the garden at the Capitol , all I hear is “when are we going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CORRUPT CRAZY NURSING BOARD ??”

It will be interesting , dealt with childish ‘girls’ call themselves women before. Lots of gossiping , back room talk , a normal director who was not ‘in ‘ on it would put an end to but she is right their with them . Dirty Director , using her political Bullshit . Any problems come up , she will blame shift and fire them as if she had no idea that this was going on and was appalled by it . It was the dirty dir who instigated it all and smiles approvingly to anyone who carries out her wicked deeds.

Doubt any of it ? Really Think Elizabeth “puke prosecutor” Campbell wanted to leave her easy job? Lose in Superior Ct , you’ll be replaced.

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