So the AZ GOV gave these ‘friends of his” millions of your taxpayer dollars , to spit out nurses in 12 months time. A 15 yr old from California was accepted in the program. IS this California teeny bopper going to work in AZ to ease the shortage of nursing ? hardly .

Comment by experienced nurses on this matter. “

Aaaaand she won’t know how to start an IV or perform many of the hands on stuff an RN is supposed to be able to do.

THAT is what “new grad” RN’s from ASU are infamous for – being book smart with a fancy diploma and not much else (of course she’ll have ALL of her “CRT” credits up to date though).

I wouldn’t let this little child near me (or any of my loved ones) if I was “circling the drain” and “ready to walk towards the light” – regardless of whether or not her daddy let her do a lobotomy or open heart surgery at the age of 4 (under his supervision of course)….. SHEESH !!!” NOTE her father is a ‘practitioner who allowed her to do many things at age 4 . disgusting to say the least .

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