Office of admin law Phx CORRUPT !

Where OAH may be a court for minor disputes, HOA , etc it is not a place when peoples livelihood/reputation at stake. It’s guilty without the possibility of a defense. Yet the corrupt partner in crime (AZ BD OF NURSING AGENCY , will swear it is due process. ).

Lawyers need to step up to the plate and tell clients , you will not get a fair deal ! Board members know it . They are not worried that the nurse will get a different answer from this kangaroo court. They know it is a corrupted “set up . ” Like a poorly written play.

Judges who preside over cases at this sham court , are the lowest form of any kind of animal creature . SCUM of the earth . (that includes Elizabeth Campbell who’s husband. is an ALJ. different gov agency , but they know what side of their bread is buttered. HOW SAD !

Whore themselves out and say the nurse had a chance to ‘he heard” . But only the comments against the nurse are posted . That is where the BON corrupted lawyer comes in , wording the document then sends people to that when questioning. Why is this nurse saying these things. ? Because the nurse speaks the truth , something the ALJ’s have a real hard time with . ! If you have a case at OAH , contact writers of truth .

4 thoughts on “Office of admin law Phx CORRUPT !”

  1. Liars , cheats, and poor actors ! From the so called ‘judges ‘ to the staff , and prosecutors . SHAM SHIT SHOW. What a waste of time and money , and have the nerve to call it due process!


  2. No way that you have a chance in hell of getting one of the jack a55 judges to write an opinion in the nurses favor . So many that love that almighty buck and willing to sell their souls , show their true colors . Tammy Eigenheer is one of the worst . Shame be with you , bitch .


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