Here’s a ‘case’ , funny that the ‘prosecutor ” put his name but Markie Brno never puts on news release ,”nurse prosecuted by Elizabeth A Campbell “. Careful nurses who think records are expunged. and mark ‘no’ . Maybe on job applications but this Corrupt Nursing agency does not think ANY one can change, or that any amount of time will make a difference . They have a black or white mind set and no in between . You could be spending 1/1/2 years in prison in AZ. So the investors in private prisoners can make money off you. With the AG help . The funniest part of the whole thing is to think their is an ‘integrity unit ‘ at the AG office !

FLORENCE – Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that Roberto Garcia of San Tan Valley, age 35, was sentenced on September 12 by a Pinal County Superior Court judge to 1.5 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections for illegally casting a vote in the 2020 General Election while he was not eligible to do so. Garcia had entered a guilty plea in July to one felony count of Illegal Voting, after being indicted in March of 2022.

The indictment alleged that Garcia falsely completed a voter registration form indicating that he had not been convicted of a felony or that his rights had been restored. Garcia, however, had previously been convicted of two felony offenses and had not had his rights restored since his second conviction in 2006. As a part of his guilty plea, Garcia admitted that he knew he was not entitled to vote when he cast his ballot on November 3, 2020.

Garcia’s ineligibility was unknown to Pinal County Election Officials at the time the defendant registered in January of 2020, and his vote was counted in the 2020 General Election. At the time of sentencing, Judge Holmberg entered an order cancelling Garcia’s voter registration. Garcia will be eligible to register to vote again only after applying for rights restoration after his sentence is complete.

Garcia is currently serving a sentence for an unrelated matter in the Arizona Department of Corrections and the 1.5 years sentence imposed this week will be served concurrently with his other prison sentence.

Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson prosecuted the case.

4 thoughts on “NEED A NEW AG STAT IN AZ !!”

  1. Jokey Ridenour cannot think for herself . She’s got her illegal lobbyist back speaking at the BON meeting . Greg Harris. Anyone even think for one minute he is not getting paid for this . ? Jokey sucked off the AZNA ditsy lobbyist to go to bat for her , and now she’s getting ready to stack the deck again , against the the nurse.


  2. Oh yes the bon meeting 9/22 9/23 they must be getting so excited , which nurse is going to take a screwing today ! Agenda Harris is timed one of those days. of course information to the public is always is hidden . You can listen by phone though . calling number / PIN on meetings , students are required .
    But they still won’t get it . Like it is a real formal meeting, members and those on side lines blurting out statements with out stating their names . They stopped streaming , so it is anyone’s guess.


  3. The AZ BON acts like this dishonorable judge who doesn’t take her job seriously and got fired . (but Mitchell hired her at MCAO ) . Just like oah court the workers tolerate the public to keep a pay check rolling in. And are nasty ! The AZ BON members are spreading rumors about attendees are bd meetings . Because they cannot prove cases they attack their character . Much like erin Otis , the Letisha Addams, character , who is using the court room to pass meme’s with the clerks . so does Ridenour .


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