Sucui, (pronounced SUCKY ) filed a completely falsified complaint . Failed to check out what he was suppose to submit for the almighty buck . Failed to search at all to see if he was filing a true and accurate statement . He knows what he did , and made no attempt to withdraw his false accusation . Legal malpractice , nothing happens. IF a nurse did this what would happen . ? Well we know for sure . Of course being on governor committee the AZ BAR (who is not a state agency , does not follow fair and impartial decisions, but appears to base ‘decisions on who it is about “. The BAR is not the final decider , Sucui will answer some day for his unethical , unprofessional ways. I hope he spent the almighty buck wisely , and it was worth it . I’d be available to discuss with anyone . My advise , he cannot be trusted and couldn’t go much lower. I’ve met some real dirt bags as atty’s and some that have respect for the law and have some integrity and won’t do what Sucui did . Always pronounced by me as SUCKY . TO be clear he was ‘hired ‘ by YRMC ! of Yuma.Southern Cali knows what ‘s up , someone does . Maybe one of those farmers from Winter Haven . rating is 1 star lowest you can get. Legal Aide had the scoop on this office as well. The old birds of a feather routine.

Better be careful cause drinking away your problems can lead to W E , wenicke’s . A recent atty in her 50s , wears diapers , lost her license, and can’t remember sh*t . One can only hope the Korsakoff syn kick in as well . You can room together with Phillip Lett , and change each others diapers . You won’t even remember a urinal . Who’s going to be your caretaker ? Hope you saved some of that whore money , you two boys , cause ain’t no relative going pay the price for your mistakes. Maybe they will allow co ed rooms and Emma Mamaluy and Elizabeth Campbell can share , a 4 some. Good luck getting them to do any care taking . All they know is the TAKING part.

Reflecting back on dirty deeds when your old and things catching up with you. Good Times . !

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