DANG !! Got rid of this smelly rotten to the core dirty bitch , now she is on the agenda for 9/ 22 9/ 23 , but only two cases . (certainly she cannot with a straight face even for one minute hand this mess off to another atty !!! )

Yes many victim nurses of this incompetent , legal night mare , are jumping for joy to get rid of the bitch. Check out the discussion pending at the bd meeting to replace her. You could get any sociopath , grab someone from a prison, a dirty player , who knows how to play turn the tables it takes a real con. ! And if anyone at the BON says they are sorry to see her go they are lying or are so stupid they haven’t a clue what’s going on and are so two faced they can lie and not crack a smile.

Think Greg Harris will hire her at Beus . ? funny to see BETHY CAMPBELL turned down for volunteer work ! she did not do her job she disgraced the legal profession and the nursing profession. A real doggy style that one is for sure , whored herself out.

Next AG would be very smart to give her the boot as the first thing they do in office . We know of many nurses who won’t have any pity for this silly looking shanky one !

6 thoughts on “CAMPBELL GO AWAY! FOR GOOD !!”

  1. In the discussion to replace Beth Campbell as prosecutor for nurses , why doesn’t someone suggest taking the worthless one EMMA MAMALUY and put her in that spot? She knows she will be doing more than stirring trouble all the time and not time for girls gone wild . Mamabuble wants to sit there and take no responsibility. no mention of Michelle , who seemed to drift in and back out . Or did someone assign her to look at what Bethy was up to and that is why she’s gone . Just putting this out there, we already know but sharing is always fun !


  2. A visitor attending the board meeting Sept. had some observations. The extent to which the one on the board doing the most talking was purposely not speaking clearly, and was not close to the mic. It was VERY distracting , and information was not heard. Then they got complaints and miraculously the audio was clear and loud enough. AMAZING , of course they are doing it on purpose to keep it a secret society , while spending and obtaining money from many areas . ILLEGAL.


  3. As if that wasn’t going on all day , people on the phone saying ‘I can’t hear you !” over and over . Followed by lies by McCormies “i’ll try to speak up ” . She did not . Hey big mouthy McCormies , Rita told you , you were not speaking into the mic, and you acknowledged , ‘you were as close as you wanted to be ” . What a total ass ! then to top it all off, Emma L Mamaluy said “THEY CAN EXPECT TO HAVE POUR QUALITY ” No kidding ! In this day and age you can’t get a sound man , IT dept, and a phone that doesn’t buzz and volume only goes above a whisper, YOU got a problem lady . Such a STUPID answer . NO it is EXPECTED an agency in business 100 years would be able to have someone who can talk properly , speak up like a grown up, and stop giving excuses . YES your doing it purposely !


    C _ _ _ Campbell , geez stupid lawyer , sounded so depressed, KARMA , and back at ya ! THIS is what happens when you screw good nurses over . Sound like someone who wants to do something different ? HAHA she was given the BOOT right up her dummy bummie. And then her idea of not burning bridges tells the bon “I love you guys “. PLEEZE bootlicker . ! No one wants you back , you pulled some down and dirty tricks. And if the bon members knew the truth of had any clue you jeopardized their futures , and retirement plans. I m sure the 2 faced ones like McCormies , had plenty to say, sorry to see you go and BLAH BLAH fuking BLAH bullshit. While thinking , don’t let the door hit you in the arce !~


    1. The last tape of the bon meeting , where “kicked out of dodge ” Elizabeth Campbell , tells the BON agency , “i love you guys “. was RE RECORDED . This is ILLEGAL . Just for your information , the reason ‘live ‘recordings is gone so they can ‘doctor ‘ up the tapes. Warning to the department of records , who ever is telling you to do this (EMMA MAMALUY ) you are risking YOUR career , tell her to go sit and spin . And no way going to play her games.


  5. So glad that ELizabeth A Campbell , will not be at the BON and another good nurse will not suffer at the wrath of this pit viper spewing her lies all over the place . Every unrelated comment that this incompetent mess can use to throw mud and see what sticks.


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