“nothing is found under his medical license”.

Nurses should be aware this is not the usual. no one hides anything you are wrongly accused of . Everything including anything not related it posted and then some . Take this Dr , everything hidden .

The Scottsdale plastic surgeon accused of breaking into a neighboring surgical business and stealing vials of medicinal cocaine is back at work.

Dr. Paul Holden sent an e-mail addressed to “friends and patients” to announce that he’s now working at North Valley Plastic Surgery in North Phoenix, near Desert Ridge.

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Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Paul Holden Accused of Stealing “Medicinal Cocaine”

In July, the Arizona Medical Board made effective a temporary order that prohibited Holden from practicing medicine in Arizona.

The board’s order cited “no finding of unprofessional conduct” against Holden but rather attributed the suspension to a “medical condition.”

That order is now nowhere to be found on the board’s website, and Holden’s profile on the website lists no board action against him.

County court records show the burglary charge against Holden still stands.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Holden was identified from video surveillance footage and by a cleaning woman he allegedly ran into while he lifted the vials of cocaine from a neighboring surgical outlet. Employees said Holden used to be allowed to perform surgeries in their facility, but “his access was withdrawn after an incident in 2012,” according to court documents. There was no further information on that incident.

Holden invoked his right to an attorney after his arrest, but court documents reference another run-in with Holden, in which police were investigating a possible domestic-violence incident between him and his wife in May 2012. According to the documents, Holden “fled the residence in his vehicle, making suicidal statements and holding a loaded handgun up to his head, threatening to kill himself.”

Holden barricaded himself in his plastic-surgery business, and the building had to be evacuated until was arrested. Those charges were dismissed after he agreed to complete a diversion program.

In the cocaine-theft case, a grand jury indicted Holden on one felony count of burglary. At this point, the case is scheduled to go to trial early this year.

2 thoughts on ““nothing is found under his medical license”.”

  1. Remind you of Steven Locnikar , a plastic surgeon from Paradise Valley . (spouse , ex or former , was married to KYRA LOCNIKAR . Who is on the AZ BON. She’s got such a watered down resume in many directions. Scattered . From Aesthetic , to facial rejeuvenation . Guessing where she met Jokey Ridenour made a killing off her , or was it at County hospital. No one is married so someone who is into the drugs as heavy as he was not getting a part of the action. Imagine a Dr who is doing plastic surgery shooting up drugs before the case. And is not on any probation . OR is that the ‘detox’ she is running . With a psych background (as well ) she knows or should know those psych evals are all rigged and not needed at all , just taking care of ‘friends” . SAD !! Only in AZ .


    1. SO forgiving for Drs that become addicted but on the AZ BON they will revoke in a heart beat . Putting them in the stressful position then expect them to get off medications . A set up . First they make it so you don’t have a chance putting you through public display , demeaning, ordering psych evaluations to place a stigma , saying ;’more information’ PLEEEZZEE , we all know Corney McCormies , started that stupid saying , and that psych evals paid for by the nurse give the BON more ammunition should the nurse take the matter further. Just don’t think a public member who seems to do ‘public service ‘ but being a shoe in for boards is appropriate for hard working nurses , judging them in their work when you have never done it . Not sure who is that interested in reading about this Drs addiction , and pay over 200, but it is for sale .
      Doctor Hyde – A True Story of Addiction and Redemption Paperback – May 1, 2007
      by Steven Joseph (Author), Dr. Locnikar (Author)


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