There are nurses who are tired of micromanaging , told to float , miss lunch, called in on days off, written up for system errors, and blamed for everything.

The so-called #NursingShortage is a direct result of hospital administrators intentionally understaffing units to increase their bottom line. A manufactured crisis, plain and simple.

Why are people still going into a career where if anything goes wrong you are called unprofessional, but when you are on the job or at the Nursing board, you are tried as a criminal, liar, dig for dirt , ordered psych evals, and expose details unrelated to anything close to what the complaint was about !

Don’t sign up for nursing school, and find something else , the hospitals deserve to pay top dollar to get some sucker to work like a dog and be treated like a door mat .

3 thoughts on “NO SHORTAGE OF NURSING !”

  1. Been there, done that, have the lousy t-shirt.
    Over worked, no recognition for a job well done by any organization. Understaffed, unrealistic documentation and care goals that you will / would never meet. Insurance companies and hospital associations are at the lucrative receiving end. Sure it pays more than a secretary, but a secretary can go home each night and leave work at the office. Nursing is a huge emotional drain and often a physical drain. Think about it, would you like to spend 1/3rd of your life in a position that devalues you, overregulates you and consumes 2/3rds of your life? I definitely recommend cake decorating, party planning, travel agent, bar tender….deal with people that are in a good and happy place in life. In your future, wouldn’t you rather look back and be able to smile versus regret. And remember, licensing boards are biased, power hungry, money grabbing, look to turn anything into something in the ‘name of public safety’, but actually perform witch hunts to demean and demoralize innocent nurses into ‘paying up’ so they can justify their existence. Again, many other professions to go into…be warned.

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    1. By a NP who experienced the hospital situation in AZ . (AZ)- my husband took me to Banner for a severe headache with vomiting. I’ve had viral meningitis before and he told the PA in the ED that he was positive I had meningitis again and that I had been recently discharged for disseminated shingles. The PA said my neck wasn’t stiff enough and my labs looked good so I definitely didn’t have meningitis. I refused discharge as I was still vomiting and went to OBS. After the 6th request for an admission doc and pain meds someone came to see me (16 hours later). He saw that I had new spots of shingles and agreed that my neck actually was stiff and that I likely had meningitis again from the zoster virus. He ordered ONE dose of pain meds and I wasn’t seen again for 14 hours. This doctor knew I was a nurse practitioner, apparently I work with a good friend of his. He also agreed, I likely had meningitis so he would call ID. ID ordered an LP. After my 2 LPs (she missed once but only charted 1 stick) it was confirmed I had viral meningitis. They changed my room from private to shared on a floor I used to work on when i changed from OBSto admit. The nursing staff I had the 7 days I was there, made me very sad to say I’m a nurse. I was treated so poorly (by most not all)….one even yelled at me about my meds. She said toradol and fentanyl couldn’t be given together because they were both opioids. She was mad about a few other meds too because she didn’t know her meds. I did have one nurse that rubbed my leg and profusely apologized that i was in so much pain after my LPs that i was curled into a ball hysterically crying. Our healthcare system is in dire need of an overhaul.


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