Not sure how this person got on the AZ BON, they do take LPN’s so guess she is representing someone . Seems to be a follower and goes along with what others say . When a public member is making motion after motion, an lpn should be able to make motions on NP . You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A NP to know what is right or not ! That is what discussion is for ! That is not what is needed on this control freak board , made up of hacks , full of favoritism. When you get on a BON you need to be honest and fair and stick up for your opinion , not just use the position to gain anything. Don’t start being a peat repeat of bs lines of McCormies who taught stupid Boyer, Hill how to say “protect the public” . Quack Quack . followers of stand by nonsense ! When you make a motion and “know it all” rude McCormies interrupts because she doesn’t like the motion, tell her , bitch I made a motion unless your seconding it , shut up and lets see where it goes , instead of your butting your big mouth in and trying to get the outcome YOU want . Unless you stick up for yourself and your opinion you are just weak , go along with the crowd . You have been on the BON long enough to know the drill . The Rn’s are not going to be responsible for your actions in this setting . Hopefully Shareedah knows she is just as responsible as every board member. She doesn’t appear to even read the cases, or show up , and be prepared . You might stick up for other bon who are being bullied by the beast of ‘kindness’ , McCorney . You can disagree and stick to your guns , not just oh your right and cave in to miss punitive got to be a hard core to those who are not temple trotters . Yes the sitting at home doing board meetings was lifted a LONG time ago , you should let the nurses you are ordering over the top punishment for see you and look you in the eye . You are making decisions that affect the nurse for life . Very disappointing was hearing that bill they want to pay for preceptors , and Shareedah asking about how she can get some of that money . First , no one should ever be paid to precept , for money . Sad and disappointing .

2 thoughts on “SHAREEDAH Z. AL-HARK, LPN”

  1. I learned yrs ago that Although bedside was hard work and full of stress I maintained stability via education and physical endurance. Point…nursing on the critical units of today is hard work and it’s my opinion Ridenour’s only penchant is showing us she is the one who you face slap before administration of cpr just to he she is dead. It works for me.

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