Woman sentenced to jail 30 days AZ

According to mary jo pitzl , voter ballots turned in by another is fraud and she got caught and prosecuted. Every one of those ballots we signed and legit . This is biased and more abuse of power of AG office and his minions .

So she sits in jail for 30 days, BRNO the moron no common sense wanted 1 year in prison . UNREAL , the hate this person has ! just like ELIZABETH CAMPBELL . Hateful .

How was society harmed by her conduct? This law is unjust and administered by an unjust


as political performance.

No candidate harmed, no election thrown, no fraud occurred. Yet look at what


asked for: “Prosecutors from the Arizona attorney general’s office had sought A YEAR IN PRISON for her…” This request was a punishment disproportionate to the “harm” caused.

It is our belief that the one who needs to be locked up and kept away from people in a society are those who go along with any of this . No harm committed to any one just take down a female the AZ way . Does mary jo pitzl and “beth’ campbell think they will grow a penis and not happen to them ?

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