AZNA is not for nurses ~!

The membership is for those who are willing to sell themselves to be part of the corruption of nurses . You have worked with them before . They are the charge nurse ‘pet’ they take any info floating around and bring it to them true or not . Low lives . Snitches, can’t trust them . Now they got bigger but not more mature , still doing it . Some really go to extreme , form new groups, convince those , or SOME of those who are willing to help — providing names , and rolling over on others. Or your not giving it to the bon, but to their snitch so what’s the difference dummy ? Before they could only guess now they are ‘sharing’ , you know they just cannot and will not keep their mouths shut . They just provide information because they think they are working with those who are going up against the dirty board. That is the problem they don’t think. Then busy themselves with ,’staffing ratios” or make the appearance of doing something . They will never really do anything . Save it for those dumb enough not to get a clue. Back using again and this is only way to keep that license . Remember the druggie who got caught criminally , no one would trust them , no one cause they are going to give up names , why is this any different ? Stop trusting , and start keeping mouth shut . Wake up time . Why are some areas of the new masonic order with n n , in their title all compartmentalized into secret groups within a group . Start thinking and stop trusting . The real weasel’s name doesn’t even show up on the roster , a lot of names don’t , not too proud of the justice they promise .

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