protect children ! Really, protect the public . Secrets society .

The Associated Press recently released an article about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – also known as the Mormon Church – and the concerning practices behind their abuse helpline. As an active member of the church and a survivor of sexual abuse, I can tell you that it’s time for something to change.Across the country, teachers and therapists are mandatory reporters, meaning that they must report to the police when someone confesses to abusing another person. However, this is not always the case for clergy. In some states like Utah, members of the clergy are not required to report when someone confesses to abuse – even child sexual abuse like what happened to me. Because of this, abusers are allowed to continue hurting children, sometimes for years.Instead, clergy are instructed to call a helpline which is staffed by church lawyers. The Associated Press found many instances where the abuse was not reported, and was instead covered up by church lawyers and leaders. I was one of those children as a 5 year old sleeping in her bed when a teenager having a sleepover with my brother came into my room and molested me. A few years later he told his bishop and neither me, my parents, nor the authorities were contacted. 18 years after the abuse, he came to my parents house and told me what had happened. His clergy at this time told him to do so in order to fully repent. I am grateful for that clergy who urged him to be open with me, but my heart aches for all the years lost when I could have been working through this trauma. And I have to wonder whether he has hurt anyone else, and if better church policies could have stopped it.We also request Section 32.4.5, Section, and Section in the MORMON
Church General Handbook be updated to
note that every single instance of child abuse
must be immediately reported (directly by
the Bishop) to both local police and Child
Protective Services without regard to
state/regional/national ecclesiastical
reporting laws and without any consideration
whatsoever to the perpetrator’s desire or
capacity to repent. Church policy changes often, and I believe this is one that must be reevaluated. I am an active member of this faith, and I believe we must do better to protect our children. If church policy requires clergy to be mandated reporters then we can help protect children from any future abuse and hold abusers accountable for their behaviors. Petition is on the page that carries all petitions.


  1. I’d like to propose an action that should occur when sexual predators are identified: that would be to HACK OFF THEIR GENITALS AND SHOVE THEM DOWN THE PREDATORS THROAT. As for the BISHOPS, Lawyers, and others who REFUSE TO REPORT THE PREDATORS, HACK OFF THEIR GENITALS TOO.

    According to the FBI’s Behavior Science Unit: “Sexual Predators are not Rehabilitatable, therefore extreme measures need to occur “.

    Let’s start cuttin.

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    1. It was a mormon bishop who ordered another males genitals be removed so he could have his fiance for himself. The mormon bishop dirty old male , tried to order the man to a mission to get rid of him , when he refused they invited him to a meeting and used a bowie knife to cut his balls testicles off . (This is how mormon’s act , do as I say or pay a huge price) . They treat their own who disobey a order by those who are given too much authority . Sound familiar !?


  2. Any religion who has secret orders, and specific pecking orders are lead by evil. The majority of people who go to church has never read the Bible from cover to cover.

    Extremes of anything has a tendency to destroy.

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    1. Absolutely . Another huge red flag is the fact they wrote their own ‘bible’ , Book of MORMON . They do not teach/ brain wash out of the bible . (but they will call others stupid for not knowing their name is something else , not mentioned here because they will always be MORMON’s !


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