When my NP Journal arrives, I read over articles. Rarely does any magazine contain articles about the Board of Nursing . So read through it , the same ole same ole ‘protect the public bull sh*t ” . Although New York is one state that has a common approach to nursing regulation . They are not uptight and as harsh nasty bitches as the AZ BON . They also have oversight and under other agencies , much unlike AZ BON has no over sight . (Even by the dirty director). The part this is troubling is that this person write ‘COMPLAINTS WITHOUT SUPPORTING EVIDENCE ARE DISMISSED ” ! (not in AZ)

This may be true in NY , but certainly NOT in AZ . The worst part is that the board of nursing agency KNOWS that they are lies but go ahead and prosecute the victim nurse. She also wrote boards take action against license who exhibit unsafe nursing practice ” Another huge lie !

NY assists the Bd of regents , and NY state education department . In AZ A dir is appointed and reappointed by republican Gov’s with no term limits , and has no over sight . Which is why they do illegal and immoral acts all the time . Liking “d’s ‘ better all the time seems a D Gov D AG D director, D auditor general office D senate , D House, D Legislature 50 – 50 or the R’s get the vote , and nothing changes . A turn about only thing to clean out the disease that has festered , the stench must go , clean house ALL OF THEM !

Very important for travelers , NP roaming state to state to know that where you are working is the state who is going to discipline your license ! NOT your home state. Although NPA are very different, and the laws and rules are VERY different. AZ being the most punitive whacked out incompetent , unfair , stupid, corrupt and down right nasty group in the entire USA !

I certainly hope that this editor actually really thinks this is true , in every state , but it is extremely misleading , to those who were raised to be honest , and treat people fairly it is a huge wake up that this can happen in the U S . Certainly the AZ BON members learned how to take care of themselves only and do what is suggested , even if it ruins ones life and livelihood. And we all know public safety has nothing to do with any of it .


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