Carolyn MCCormies DO NOT TRUST!

yes people know who she is in Safford , and the son she pooped out , (CHASE MCCORMIES ) looks just like her , he’s ugly . No wonder he is a prosecutor , and has that mentality . a chip off the old block head, and her chip off old frankenstein cloned block head .

remember when daddy do, lurch look alike , McCormies was putting comments out there about the play “the mormons” he did not think this should be out there . (belly laugh here) of course , they are all mormons . A some of the things these mormons do is just down right laughable . No way any of us would do business with any of them , they have to get state jobs , to make false judgement over others. get other mormons in . Very sad . They are so brain washed that they are the only ‘good people’ they actually start to believe this . Once you start to look at the back ground and the source for all this nastiness they inflict on others , you cannot stand to be near any of them. It is a CULT the mormons are running . If you get a license in Arizona you will be judged by a CULT brain washed biased incompetent fools . All they can say is bigot. They have pat answers to all who reject their craziness. Tax free organized CULT .

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