carolyn mccormies is a witch

The above named is just as wicked as they come . What a nasty bitch . She got her line from stupid cuz Randy Quinn .thank you for coming .

Excuse me bitch , the building is not yours it is open to anyone, when my license in being questioned I will be there and speak up . thank you for coming ??? Wish we could say the same, but you are so off the mark with any kind of non bias , you are NOT qualified to do this job , your so incompetent you reek with , ‘WTH ” ? Just as callous as they come. Shameful .

If you think people are going to believe your LYING TRAP , ‘protecting the public , ‘ at all once hey see how unfair and disturbed you are , just unhinged in so many areas. Some one should ask you to stop , just do not go to the board meetings, you are creating a night mare for some really honest people. Unlike your self.

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