AZ Office of Administrative law sham court

In case no one has noticed and think this is normal . When ever a nurse goes to this court , and asks to extend when something is due it is always DENIED . When the assistant atty general asks it is always approved. If the nurse has an atty they generally approve it but expect them to go easy on the lying witnesses and they mostly do .

So if OAH is fair and impartial , why is this happening ? because they are biased and crooked. Campbell was one of the worst . She would ask the nurse if ok to extend the time when she was told no she’ d just do it anyways. Games they play . little games girls , with a full set of marbles.

7 thoughts on “AZ Office of Administrative law sham court”

  1. “Chronicles of the AZ Board of Nursing Corruption”

    Chapter One:
    -Joey Ridenour & her Harem of Whores.-

    She’s out of the dumps and moving toward the finish lines, with her goes Sunita Krishna, Elizabeth Campbell, and Emma Mamaluy.
    The Cross is always before the Crown.

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    1. Jokey Ridenour and her Harem of Hores is write on ! oh yes . follow the money trail , whores love to be paid and work for the money . She is in the basement of dirt , the order of exit left bitches is Elizabeth A Campbell , Emma Mamaluy, Sunita Krishna Poe. Carry with them the casket full of nurses they killed off by wicked methods and help of the lying whore Carolyn McCormies !


    2. The dumbest thing that Joey Ridenour has ever done was hire, trust , and allow the stupid lawyer on staff at the board of nursing to handle her affairs . her name is EMMA MAMALUY . You can’t tell Joey that , she will find out for herself and “bill” Ridenour will pick up the “bill’ .


  2. She will have to change her name , and leave the state . Who would recommend her . Anyone who was attacked unduly by this shank bitch and has not filed a complaint with the state is just not in the game !! no excuses . No excuses .


    1. We’ve seen it all too often , someone is appointed to a position , that is not qualified but her husband gets her the job with his dirty politics , and Jokey Ridenour has to bring her back up gang with her to back her should anyone notice she’s not that bright . She is not capable of taking on a job like this, with out her bought and paid for lying staff members , obviously learned it from her . She brings Valerie Smith from county and gives her one of the top paying jobs at the Bd office , to screw the nurses . Lots of time to read about drugs , and do a slide show to ‘impress’ those dumb enough to be impressed. When Valerie left her 3rd retirement from the state, to hook up with an investigator she got hired at the board , Joe key said “ill miss her’ I BET YOU DO . Lots of hook up at the BON friends bringing in friends , so they can all have 7 hour breaks calling it meetings. All they have to do is attack the ones Jokey Ridenour puts a hit on . It is very simple . Those who are in position to look at the BON , think that because someone in dir position over ten years knows what they are doing , so dumb and dumber leading the state . After screwing over good nurses , and calling it protection of the public you would think Joke would learn something just showing up . You have to absorb some information just being their watching your staff do the illegal paper shuffle .


    2. Take Tom Brady , he rose to top of his career and stayed too long . Not that JOKEY RIDENOUR ever rose to a nurse that anyone would want at the bedside or in the same room. There is something about going in getting the next kill shot and getting that recognition from hospital personnel who are using her and her position to screw the nurse . Brady’s life is falling apart , even playing a shitty game. They don’ know when to call it quits , like an alcoholic they love the fight the power trip the attention . Addicted to a job that gives them power and control . without it they are nothing . Staying in and smart ones come along and figure them out really quick and expose them . OMG . Expose and alcoholic ! That will get you hurt. And you don’t have to drink to be one . Speaking of drunks Charles Ryan DOC now has to crawl around the perimeter of his house every night to see if anyone’s out there , looking for someone who rightly would be angry they way he ran the DOC. Arpaio has to run for some office every chance he gets to keep his face in the limelight , They have a sickness and mental block afraid to leave and like JOKE RIDENOUR will be looking over her shoulder , in a nursing home wondering if that nurse is one who was one of her targets . A legend in their own minds , and the most hated bitch in AZ by many who are suffering because of her wicked illegal dirty ways. rest in hell .


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