Joey Ridenour puts way too much on this one . You cannot tell her , she thinks this incompetent lying lawyer will get her tit out of the wringer . Grab your popcorn and watch the end of the career of both of them who were wrongly put in these positions . The just LOVE TITLES . And think they hold all the answers . Ever illegal act will surface.

Chief , -bull shitter , executive- executioner . Love titles too. Fitting . Call them what they are . In their little girl arena they lie and pull it off , they need to answer . Call them on their acts.


  1. Emma Lerner Mamaluy is the head of the snake at the Nursing Agency, a state agency at 1740 Adams St . Phoenix. Her way is to tell others whopper lies , and get them to ‘act’ for her . While she hides in the back ground and denies everything . Both her and Joe y Ridenour need psychological evaluations by a psychologist NOT approved by the bd of nursing .


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