The MILGRAM SHOCK EXPERIMENT , that was carried out to see how obedient the participates would go . IF the ones who inflicted the pain on individuals was the board of nursing members the ones being judged would be smoking and fried to the ground. The type on the BON like Carolyn McCormies is so obedient, that she will follow blindly anyone who is giving her advice or coaching. Mormon females are brain washed from birth to obey , especially the male who is not an equal to them but superior because they are male . Yes they are mouthy at the BON but at home they are doormats.

The experiment

Milgram (1963) was interested in researching how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person. Stanley Milgram was interested in how easily ordinary people could be influenced into committing atrocities, for example, Germans in WWII.


Volunteers were recruited for a lab experiment investigating “learning” (re: ethics: deception). Participants were 40 males, aged between 20 and 50, whose jobs ranged from unskilled to professional, from the New Haven area. They were paid $4.50 for just turning up. At the beginning of the experiment, they were introduced to another participant, who was a confederate of the experimenter (Milgram). They drew straws to determine their roles—learner or teacher—although this was fixed and the learner was always an actor and the ‘teacher ‘ was the hired participant who inflicted the maximum electric shock .


Sixty-five percent (two-thirds) of participants (i.e., teachers) continued to the highest level of 450 volts. All the participants continued to 300 volts. Milgram did more than one experiment—he carried out 18 variations of his study. All he did was alter the situation (IV) to see how this affected obedience .

The AZ BON would be 99% for giving the most severe and damaging pain to inflict on another . (the 1 % is the one bon member who is there to do the job as was intended ) The rest are all sell outs who are wicked as the day is long .


  1. The way these type go after their own if given the go ahead and all announce that they are no longer a member or have insisted they are homosexual , the pain they inflict and the life long anguish to be shunned by a gang of dirty cult followers . The actions are so parallel to their upbringing . There are cases they have taken lives (women of course ) . You are in serious danger of being harmed from all angles. Nothing they won’t do . One thing they like to do is shift to being a victim and anyone who speaks up and exposes is the problem . Look again nurses , if you can’t figure it out (and the AZNA has NOT figured it out ) .


  2. Do not be obedient to the bd of nursing ! They have this little ‘meet and greet’ and invite you to meet your investigator . Their will be 2 of them , if a nurse even thinks of denying the taken out of context dialogue , the second one will show up in court and say the first liar is telling the truth. It is a TRAP ! You do NOT have to meet with any of them . They will answer nothing, as instructed but want you to answer a lot of unrelated issues. Let them file in court and get your answers then. They are building their case , making up a case. Like the person who goes for a cop friendly talk . Do not go . And no it does not make you guilty it makes you smart.


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