Rachel Mitchell

Will the BAR cite her ? Just like the corrupt board of nursing she put this pour woman through 4 yrs of hell wondering if she was going to prison. Suppressing evidence , while taking care of a cops name and most likely his pension . Just like the mental mess ELIZABETH CAMPBELL is going after those to take care of others . SICK BITCHES both of them . And then act like they are just doing their job. Sneaky half truths, crazy kooks !

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and two top prosecutors are facing a new State Bar complaint that accuses them of ethical misconduct in a high-profile case that was tossed out of court.

The 46-page complaint was filed Friday by defense attorneys for Nubia Rodriguez, who was charged with negligent homicide in the traffic death of Phoenix officer Paul Rutherford.

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“Nubia Rodriguez committed no crime. It was obvious. However, this did not prevent Maricopa County Prosecutor Tiffany Brady from charging Ms. Rodriguez with homicide. This did not prevent supervising attorneys Ken Vick and Rachel Mitchell from enabling Ms. Brady’s prosecution,” according to a copy of the complaint obtained by ABC15.

ABC15 reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for comment, and a spokesperson said Vick and Brady had no comment.

But MCAO didn’t respond on behalf of Mitchell.

Instead, her campaign spokesperson, Matt Benson, sent the following emailed statement, “This meritless complaint is nothing more than a political hit job timed to coincide with Tuesday’s election. It’s unfortunate that ABC-15 would fall for this obvious ploy.”

The defense attorneys for Rodriguez, Lawrence Koplow and Armando Nava, declined to respond to the campaign’s allegation.


On March 21, 2019, Rodriguez hit Rutherford in the two-way turn lane on Indian School Road near 75thAvenue.

Rutherford, who wasn’t wearing a safety vest, was working a traffic accident when he suddenly ran into traffic without looking both ways. Business surveillance video shows him dart into traffic.

The charges against Rodriguez were dismissed twice by different judges.

In an August court order, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jennifer Ryan-Touhill remanded the case back to the grand jury for what she called a “troubling” presentation filled with false and untrue testimony.

“The State allowed (a Phoenix detective) to present evidence designed to evoke sympathy from the jurors to distract the Grand Jury on whether probable cause exists,” Ryan-Touhill wrote.

MCAO then attempted to re-bring charges through a preliminary hearing, which involves a judge hearing the evidence and determining whether there’s probable cause.

After a three-day hearing in September, Judge Joseph Kreamer dismissed the case permanently by ruling there was no probable cause for the negligent homicide charges.

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