CTY ATTY office or Board of Nursing agency which is most corrupt ?

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and two top prosecutors are facing a new State Bar complaint that accuses them of ethical misconduct in a high-profile case that was tossed out of court.

The 46-page complaint was filed Friday by defense attorneys for Nubia Rodriguez, who was charged with negligent homicide in the traffic death of Phoenix officer Paul Rutherford.

(the actions at the Grand jury are standard procedure , and they get away with it most of the time). The Corrupt Board of Nursing has a standard way of operation , a trickster type of plan.

Back room deals talks then have discussion with the board members (or the most corrupt the Pres who knows they have to keep others from voting something in not decided in the back room , or told to the investigator to recommend. All rigged ! Then write ‘in the interest of the public” WHAT ? What does the public know about the dealings the crooked illegal acts ? They will be paying attention because the new nurses are messing up like crazy , they are saying this job sucks and moving on.

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