Nursing Board Members Arizona

Why is it the Director is sending names to the Gov office who to appoint to the board of nursing . These positions are open to any nurse/ public member who meets the qualifications. Ridenour even got public members appointed. Remember Brandon Dale ? Now she has her facial over priced over rated , hair dresser by trade , using made up names . Dale didn’t last long once he figured out how they operate . No one should stay when they figure it out, unless they’re dirty.

What is takes to be a BON member , it is standard as well to stack the BON with those who are easily convinced , never had a law suit or accused, relatives that are cops, graduated last in their class , never heard and don’t believe in wrongful convictions, no state employee is going to lie, the system works, they read in the paper they were arrested so they are guilty and believe in the system . Are on an ego trip and can convince the stupid family members , and other new nurses they are something now . Those that have seen them in action , think they should all be in a prison for a very long time.

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