DOT REINHARD Auditor General

Always highlight and give credit to those who are a part of the problem. “Reinhard” is a ignored facts . Her credentials BS (bull shit) justice , and admin justice . Her and her gang of thieves , great pretenders at the only over sight of the board of nursing , trying to make it ‘appear’ to be an audit . Hey “DOT ” is this how you want any case against YOU handled ? You studied law and have justice in the title and ignore any and all evidence . Spelled out for you so no mistake about it. You should have treated co workers that aren’t part of the cult you are so afraid of offending. You will ignore wrong doings, ignore the illegal , immoral ways of the board of nursing to keep a job . Your a real sad state of affairs , and who would suspect YOU , when there are so many in the office ? We do ! If this is how you operate and deserve to be out of a job on the street, like many RN and NP . So corrupt so nasty .

“DOT ” BS admin Reinhard

4 thoughts on “DOT REINHARD Auditor General”

  1. Reinhard……slimy, just slimy, she is just like that illegal D. Hurtado from AZBN. Yeah they all smell like cat feces, and for people like you Hurtado who cannot read, feces is a medical term for SH!T. The definition of feces: (Waste matter eliminated from the bowels; excrement; filth; stinch; who are kicked out of society.).
    Now that’s you Hurtado, you need to stop contacting nurses who do not have license in that feces hole (AZ) that you screw balls call a State.

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    1. Hurtado and Trina Smith are both liars . Along with lying about nurses and getting callers (set up) of board complaints, they try to get them to say more than was planned to say .Leading on the liar . Big Xmas bonus from JOKEY RIDENOUR . And lots of paid time off . Every aspect of the agency is corruption illegal !


  2. It appears Ridenour is PARANOID, she is up to her contact/stalking crap again.
    Ridenour you need to get your thyroid level checked, if your levels are off it could cause paranoia. “Pharmacy board report”, I can get those too.
    You are not liked Ridenour, those in UR little circle don’t like you either, and they eagerly give information out on you.
    Hurtado is hated as much as U, Hurtado constantly causing strife between staff, and her dirty games trying to dictate to all the staff with education because of her low self-esteem, Hurtado is dumb & dumber, and other AZBN staff doesn’t like dumb dumbs running off at the mouth like Hurtado. Oh let not forget about another dumb dumb, “Trina Smith”. Taco’s or fried chicken, take your pick.

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    1. JOKE RIDENOUR is PARANOID , yes you can see it . Everything is over her head. She calling on others to save her ass . Could be that hair dye seeping into her scalp nor years and often . Those two bimbo’s who are close to the head liar , are uneducated , over paid , and willing to do the dirty dance for money bags. Hey Hurtado and Smith hit her up for more money BIG money . She would rather pay people off than do an honest days work . Betting she would sell some property to keep her illegal instructions quiet. Too stupid to retire billy boy would have to travel with his kachina dolls again . So sad the BON is what is her home . ALMOST feel sorry for her , but then look at the damage she has done to GOOD NURSES , THAT is SAD !


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