JUDGE SNOW arizona federal court

Well have a statement this week by this judge , about the sheriff’s dept . Judge is citing sheriff office from taking too long on investigations. up to 2 yrs. Does this judge think that a board of nursing that takes 3- 5 – years as long as they want NO time frame ! The BON does this to drain the nurse out of funds to fight it , generally they are not working as long as ‘under investigation” . The BON can take as long as they want , but the web page states ‘average of 7 months’ . NEVER have seen a case that quickly never, even when several arrests of the nurse have been made 2-3 yrs . Some cases have been lost completely . Wonder what judge snow would think of the BON when he makes this statements about the corrupt BON . “The failure to complete investigations in a timely manner has become so extreme as to render investigations completely ineffectual and render no service to either the complainant or MCSO personnel,” Snow wrote in his order this week. (the lawmakers at the Capitol don’t care. TIME LIMITS ON INVESTIGATIONS . and stop the ridiculous notion that the BON is ‘short staffed” stop the corruption , and playing ‘protect the public , stop the witch hunts and you’ ll have time . Criminals have so many more rights , AZ Board of nursing needs a supervisor and over sight agency . DOJ, Ombudsman, Goldwater all WORTHLESS !

2 thoughts on “JUDGE SNOW arizona federal court”

  1. Mamaluy spending her days getting paid to read this sight . So she gets her partner in crime Danee Garone, (who gets paid to act like he is actually doing his job helping citizens) to come to the board meeting Nov. That way him a Mamaluy can ‘bond’ get their stories straight and put on a big free lunch for the other worthless state tit sucker .


    1. EMMA MAMALUY is so out of control. a real joke ! If they ever got someone to work at the nursing agency they didn’t already check out where their head is they would go down so fast. (notice Hoover is now aag , but was with the BON before , long time friend , he was there when Jokey was President of the BON. scary ! You think this gabbled speaking one McCormies is bad , imagine Jokey with her speech impediment. McCormies , blames it on ‘her voice” and refuses to speak into the mic , other board members have told her but hard head no it all refuses. Maybe it she shut her mouth for a week before the meetings she wouldn’t sound like she strained her vocal cords. That would never happen cause she is a know it all who knows nothing just rant rant rant disagree with everyone. to get the bitches way.


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