Irregularities at hearing OAH

Anyone who has gone to Office of Admin law court and saw odd or heard ‘different’ than any other court room , post your experience here .

  1. so called witnesses were allowed to can in on the phone. The sound system is as bad as the BON meetings (ON PURPOSE) to keep public from listening to information . So a lot of ‘did’nt hear that ‘ ‘i heard banana did you ask me banana ” “didn’t catch it bad connection’ repeat the last 10 words “. The ALJ is corrupt and on the bon side they will do what ever the dirty da wants . (In other states there is NO WAY ANYONE TESTIFIES ON THE PHONE) . AZ pulls some real slick tricks . No judge should allow this (NOT during covid) . Elizabeth Campbell pulled some real illegal doozies .
  2. IF the nurse has an atty and motion to delay by 10- 30 days they will honor it if the nurse does not they always DENY , (a nurses time and importance is ZERO) . IF the DA asks the nurse for more time they nurse denies it they take it anyways. Very unfair

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