Waddell-Pratt psych, do not recommend !

We like to give newly attacked victims of the board of nursing a ‘heads up ‘ .

fact AZ BON orders more psych evaluations on nurses than most boards , the nurse pays , and it is bd ordered you go to one of the ones on “THE BOARD’s LIST” . Now , how do you think they came up with this list ????

Does it sound like a set up already ?

A constant flow of nurse dropping thousands of dollars to ‘save their license’ when all it does is give someone who has a degree , which they basically use as a sword to destroy the nurse. Calling themselves experts. Twisting words, writing intimate details in your record , the strange bed fellows at the BON write in reports put under you name . It’s all to retaliate. It is nasty demeaning and not appropriate.

FACT: It was the AZNA who stated that ‘the nurses” voted and want the nurse to pay . Which raises many questions . Is every nurse in AZ in the AZNA????? Oh h*ll NO ! They have learned they do not work for the nurse . This is just one example.

Why is the board of nursing ‘hooking ‘ up with the AZNA as the ones who give the ok to move ahead. ?

AZ Needs a strong UNION to come in and take over in hospitals .

Every Board member needs a psychological evaluation by someone who is NOT ON THE “list’. Which turns out is a ‘shit list” .

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